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Question #1: The parasympathetic secretomotor fibres to parotid traverse through the following, Except
Otic ganglion
Tympanic plexus
Greater petrosal nerve
Aurico temporal nerve
Question #2: Fertilized ovum reaches the uterine cavity by:
6-7 days
5-6 days
7-8 days
4-5 days
Question #3: The laryngeal mask airway used for securing the airway of a patient in all of the following conditions except –
In a difficult intubation
In cardiopulmonary resuscitation
In a child undergoing an elective/ routine eye surgery
in a patient with a large tumour in the oral cavity
Question #4: Ketone bodies cannot be utilized by which of the following?
Skeletal muscle
Red blood cells
Question #5: Onodi cells and Haller cells seen in relation to following structures respectively
Optic nerve and floor of the orbit
Optic nerve and internal carotid artery
Optic nerve and nasolacrimal duct
Optic nerve and nasolacrimal duct
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