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Preparing for Medical Entrances: Don’t Let Overparenting Affect Your Child’s Performance

Preparing for Medical Entrances: Don’t Let Overparenting Affect Your Child’s  Performance

Being an involved parent who is active in their child’s life is not a bad thing as it increases the child’s confidence, builds a closer bond, and increases chances of the child being a successful adult. However, there exists a line that divides an actively involved parent and an overly involved parent.

Being a supportive, concerned, and nurturing parent is one thing, but various negative consequences can happen when you exert too much control over your adult children’s lives.

You want what’s best for your children, and you can do anything to make them succeed in their careers. It is your natural instinct to do what is best for them. But by doing so much for your child, you are unknowingly snatching away all the life experiences and situations. These experiences can help in their growth and also affect their performance in studies, especially if they are preparing for an exam or taking NEET online coaching. Here are some ways how overparenting can harm your child’s academic career:

1. Lack of Confidence
If you are overly involved in your child’s life, then your child can majorly lack confidence in their skills. If your child is so used to having you do things for them, they may not know how to do things on their own such as making a timetable to study or preparing notes. What children derive from such instances is that they are not competent enough to perform these things.

2. Low Coping Skills
Children raised by over concerned parents tend to have a lower rate of coping skills. Coping skills are ways a child uses to deal with stressful situations. For every individual, obtaining and maintaining good coping skills is only possible if they practice well. Good coping skills make for good mental health and help children perform better in board or entrance examinations, where a lot of stress is involved. Apart from this, overparenting can also lead to lower self-efficacy along with an exaggerated sense of entitlement.

3. Rarely Learn to Think on Their Own
Since your child has the habit of following everything you say, they are not encouraged enough to explore and act independently. Because of this, they are unable to set their own limits and personal standards. This can eventually lead to issues when you are not around to monitor their behaviour. Instead of learning to cope with conflict and failure, they get used to being dependent on you. Your constant interference in their physical, emotional, and intellectual space restricts their ability to think for themselves. Not thinking enough can lead to lack of interest in studies which negatively affects academic performance.

4. Make Wrong Decisions
Some of you tend to set all the rules for your children, leaving a little room for negotiation by rarely allowing them to make their own choices. While you might have high expectations, you don’t offer your children enough freedom to choose what they want to do in life. Rather than letting your children make choices on their own and face the natural consequences of those choices, you hover over them to ensure that they don’t make blunders. In case of competitive exams, your child ends up pursuing what you want and not what they wish to do. This leads to poor academic performance.

5. Become More Reliant on Peers
Overprotective and excessively accommodating parenting seems to engender a sense of entitlement in some children. Due to this your child continually seeks help from you and other peers. They don’t like when things get challenging as they are too used to always finding the easy way out.

The wish to correctly guide your child is something that all concerned parents have in common. But you need to be aware of the thin line which exists between good parenting and overparenting. Instead of you keeping a strict eye on your child’s academic performance, a better way out is enrolling them in any of the top institutes like Aakash Institute to give their preparation a solid backing. They are known for their skilled faculty and relying on a well-trained faculty is a much better option than overparenting your child and ruining their performance.

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