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Guest Blog: Why NEET is a Tough Nut to Crack?

Guest Blog: Why NEET is a Tough Nut to Crack?

NEET is an entrance examination conducted for aspirants seeking admission in any undergraduate and postgraduate courses from private or government colleges pan India.

According to resources, NEET 2018 notification is expected to release in the third week of January, and with this news, every aspirant must have pulled up his socks to compete for the examination. So, let’s examine how hard or competitive the exam is:

How Tough Is It?

The Problem of Aspirants from State Boards:

The exam is more difficult for the candidates from state boards as they do not have the same syllabus for their class 11th and 12th as of the central boards. Every year there is a large number of students who are from state boards. It is difficult for them to get familiar with the different syllabus and prepare for the exam. Moreover, NEET is conducted almost just after the board exams so the state board candidates get insufficient time to prepare for it. So, NEET poses a challenge for them, as, they are already a step behind from other applicants.

Competition by Girls:

In this era, when girls are overcoming boys in every field, a tough competition will be given by girls in the entrance examination. With each coming year, we see the result of girls is becoming better than the boys. Not only they are emerging as toppers but the passing percentage of girls has increased over the years.

The Game of Subjects:

As already discussed, the exam will include three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All these subjects are tough, out of which Physics is considered to be the toughest. But that actually depends on a candidate which subject is difficult and challenging for him. As someone who is good in Physics may not be good in Chemistry. Other can be good in Biology. It totally depends on a candidate but weakness in any subject will make the exam hard.

Less Time:

As NEET is conducted almost within 2 months from the board exams, examinees get insufficient time to prepare for it. So, it increases the difficulty level of the exam. In such a less amount of time, candidates find it difficult to prepare.

So, these were some of the factors that can make your exam tougher.

How Can You Prepare to Ace the Exam?

If you wish to join any coaching institute for your preparation, be very careful while choosing an institute. There are many such institutes like Akash, FIITJEE, etc., and therefore you must choose the best and the most comfortable one for you as these institutes take a large amount of money and time. In case you choose a wrong institute, you will end up wasting your time and money both.

Selection Process:

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