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MBBS student of Hi Tech Medical College Commits suicide, family says college harassed him for money

MBBS student of Hi Tech Medical College Commits suicide, family says college harassed him for money

Bhubaneshwar: Hi-Tech Medical College and Hospital, Bhubaneswar is entangled in controversy with the death of Nihar Ranjan Rout, a resident of Soro, Balasore and a 3rd-year MBBS student of the institution. Found hanging from the ceiling off his room on Saturday, his parents allege that he had been pressurized by the college to pay money to compensate for the poor marks he had obtained in the recently concluded exams. They allege him to have been murdered by the college authorities.

“We had received a letter from the college to pay money. They used to torture Nihar and also threatened him that they would not allow him to appear in the examination,’ alleged Nihar’s uncle to Odisha .tv. The family had rushed to the hostel on receiving information of his suicide from his friends and discovered him hanging from the ceiling of his room at 10.30PM. A complaint in the Mancheswar police station has been lodged by them.

The college authorities, however, have denied the family’s levelled allegations .have refuted the allegations levelled by Nihar’s family.

Under pressure from the media,  Hi-tech Medical College and Hospital CEO, Bhisma Rath stated, “Poor results and attendance could be the possible reasons behind Nihar Ranjan Rout committing suicide. This apart, college fees amounting to Rs 8 lakh was pending against him and we had informed his family about this. It might be due to the pressure of the family that he took such a step.”

Meanwhile, the body of the boy has been sent for a postmortem by the police;  while the investigation in connection with the incident continues, sources added.

Earlier this month, a BSc. Nursing girl in an attempt to take her life had attempted suicide by jumping off the three-storey hostel building of the college. Her parents had also reported the incident to the  Mancheswar police station, blaming the college authorities for the suicide attempt.

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  1. user
    Akhikumar Nayak May 2, 2018, 7:34 am

    Yes it is true, the college administratin has failed even those who were passed the examination to compensate the supreme court case lawyer fees as the students appealed against the college as the collge incrased the college fees from 4.2 lac to 5.5 lac after three years of their admission. Everybody knows the man who is the owner of the college and how he cheated crores of ruppees in land scam and already gone for jail and later after depositing 25 crore rupees he recently came out. The owner of the college had sold some pecentage of share to the person having important portfolio in order to pay the supreme court for land scam. He also the man who had gone against the MCI rule to admit 100 management students and later the supreame court has closed the college removing the students. Recently the lectures had passed the studnts to qualify for the university exmination, but the college administration failed 90% of them and claimed fine of 5000 rupees each in order to make an income of extra crores of rupees. Even he failed many meritous stuents. He threated both the students to fail them to apear the university examination if they open their mouth. He also threatened the lecturers to supend if they disclose the truth. During th last meeting when parents asked the lectuers about the truth they simply they said we don\’t have power to do any thing e have done the best but the college administration had done thei job. So forgive us, don\’t be worry. let\’s see, no one can stop us to fail your children next time without any reason. If man from the back ground of bada, pakoa without much eduction who intially cheated crores of ruppeess from land scam and with that money he will opened the college, then when he will caught by police then punished by the supreme court to refund the money to the customer. Then from whom ill take the money. Definitely from the student by sudden increse in fees and penalising the stdents by failing. Realy he is a cruel man This pivate college is only for business not for quality education without carin students life. So it must be closed.