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Why Should We even Study MBBS-Telangana Medicos Up in Arms against RMPs

Why Should We even Study MBBS-Telangana Medicos Up in Arms against RMPs

” There is no purpose of studying MBBS and doing MD/MS/DM/MCh, when an unqualified person is allowed to treat”- TJUDA

Hyderabad: The state government’s move to impart training to Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPs) allowing them to run their own clinics, continues to sting doctors practising the state.

In 2015, Government Order (GO) No 428 was issued by the Health Department, setting various guidelines to RMPs and PMPs (Private Medical Practitioners) in the rural area while allowing them to treat patients at PHCs after 6 months of specific training. Since then, the doctors are constantly protesting against the said decision.

However, recently, the issue once again stressed, after Telangana Rashtriya Samiti (TRS) leader KT Rama Rao made a statement against the doctors’ long-standing stance. The politician had stated, “According to GO 428 issued in 2015, certificates will be issued to RMPs after they undergo training, and facilities would be provided for them to offer medical services at a village level.”

In response to his statement in favour of the RMPs, on November 20, the junior doctors attached to Telangana Junior Doctors Association (TJUDA) boycotted their elective duties as a mark of a protest.

“If that is the case, then there is no purpose of studying MBBS and doing MD/MS/DM/MCh, when an unqualified person is allowed to treat,” the TJUDA retorted to politician’s statement.

While junior doctors at the Osmania Medical College protested over the issue, similar protests were held at Gandhi Hospital, the Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences, Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, and the Kakatiya Medical College as well.

The protesting doctors have demanded that the entire system of ‘quackery’ should be abolished, which would improve patient safety as well as healthcare services in the state, reports a local daily, Telangana Today.

TNIE adds that Healthcare Reforms Doctors Association (HRDA) President Dr K M Kumar said that the politician assured to give the certificates to unregistered medical practitioners, though the issue is sub-judice before High Court, and that the assurance is an inducement to voters which is a violation under Model Code of Conduct.

The HRDA members submitted a representation to CEO Rajat Kumar requesting him to disqualify TRS leader from participating in upcoming elections.

In their petition, HRDA had termed the GO as irrational, haste, arbitrary adding that it is in clear violation of section 15 (2) (a) & (b) of the Indian Medical Council Act.

The petitioner has pointed out that under the aegis of the said GO, certain unqualified persons have been practising allopathy medicine unauthorizedly treating patients in the name of first aid in unauthorized centres both in rural and urban areas without registration. The respective district authorities have no check over the said centres. RMPs and PMPs do not possess any qualifications for practising allopathy medicine and that bringing such unqualified persons into the mainstream has diluted the quality of medical care.

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Speaking to TOI, Dr Srinivas from the NIMS Resident Doctors Association, said: “There should be the total abolition of quackery by bringing unregistered medical practitioners under legal ambit, and establishing more primary health centres and Community Health centres as per norms. Also, regular recruitment of qualified doctors to provide healthcare to rural people should be ensured.”

There are allegations that most of the RMPs and PMPs passed only 7th and 10th classes and worked in hospitals to gain knowledge. After starting their own practice, they branded themselves as doctors.  Dr P S Vijayender Goud, President, JUDA, Osmania Hospital wing, told The Hans India that they had requested the government to cancel GO No 428 because practicing medicine without recognised qualification was quackery.

“It was mentioned in the GO that RMPs full form as Registered Medical Practitioners which is against Section 15 of Indian Medical Council Act, 1956.

Dr G Srinivas, Advisor to TJUDA, suggested the government to increase the number of CHCs and PHCs in the State along with recruiting doctors and paramedical staff. With these measures, there would be no need of services of RMPs and PMPs.

Earlier in July this year, the concerned over the fraudulent medical practice of quacks and unqualified persons in the state, the Hyderabad High Court directed the Telangana government to submit a comprehensive report regarding all aspects pertaining to RMPs and PMPs.

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