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Uttarakhand: Tuition fee scheme for MBBS students to be replaced Loans Scheme

Uttarakhand: Tuition fee scheme for MBBS students to be replaced Loans Scheme

Dehradun: The state government has decided to replace the subsidized tuition fee scheme at the three government colleges for MBBS student with a loan scheme, having failed to succeed with the former.

The subsidized scheme had been introduced to students who were willing  to serve the state for a period of three years. This condition has been  attached to the scheme due to shortage of doctors in the state. The government however, has observed that despite availing the scheme, the students are reluctant to serve the state.

“ We are working on a scheme wherby the medical students selected in the three government medical colleges will be given an option to take education loans for the  5 years study period. Once they complete the course, the government will pay  the monthly loan installment. In turn students will have to serve the state for a period of 15 years,” said Om Prakash, Additional Chief Secretary, Medical Education and Health.


If the student agrees to serve the government for over a span of 15 years, the government will support the monthly loan repayment installment, and  in addition pay the doctor a remuneration, as well.

Three government medical colleges in Uttarakhand that offer MBBS courses are: Sushila Tiwari Medical College (Haldwani), Doon Government Medical College (Dehradun) and Veer Chander Singh Garhwali Medical College (Srinagar).

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Medical colleges in both Srinagar and Haldwani, have a total of 100 seats each, whereas,  Dehradun Medical College has a seat strength of  150.

Under the subsidized tuition fee bond scheme, first launched in 2004-2005, the state Department of Medical Education charges a tuition fee of Rs 40,000 per year from the students who execute the bond. This is a subsidized tuition fee, as compared to full annual tuition fee of Rs 4,00,000 lakh.

The tuition fee is charged for 4 1/2years. In case the student does not fulfill the bond  the penalty charged is to the tune of Rs. 2 crores. Interestingly, the government has yet to identify  the defaulters of the bond, reports Tribune.



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  1. ONE India and One fees for all Medical colleges in all states and Union Teretories- why NEET come in the picture – to standardize for Medical Education. – if not giving the same fees do not give medical college the course to teach. Take out all Teaching facility who are not co-operating. It look like some where 3 Lacks, some where 5 Lacks and 7 Lacks and even 20 Lacks . the 20 Lack paying student will work for free or they try to get their paid fees return.

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