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Upcoming MBBS exams under CCTV watch: MUHS

Upcoming MBBS exams under CCTV watch: MUHS

Mumbai: In addition to its recently issued strict dress code, the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) has now decided to conduct the upcoming MBBS examinations under CCTV vigilance so as to prevent cheating malpractice.

To facilitate the said decision, the MUHS has asked all 123 examination centres to get on board with the resolution and install CCTV cameras at their premises if there aren’t any so that its recordings can be preserved which will serve as a proof for any malpractice inside the examination hall.

In a recent circular on the CCTV compulsion, issued by Controller of Examinations, Dr Ajit Pathak, to all the theory Examination Centers and CAP centres, it has been stated,

“… It is mandatory for colleges to install CCTV system with recording facility at their college examination hall and CAP centers. It is decided by the university to monitor all Examination hall scheduled from 27/11/2018… ”

Stating the aforesaid, the University asked the medical examination centres to forward specific information including the exam centre details, CCTV camera details as well as the technical person contact.

More than 51,000 students of various health science courses in the state will appear for their winter theory examinations and to prevent any cases of cheating during the examination session, strict surveillance will be conducted as per the medical university.

The MUHS officials confirmed that the move is, in fact, taken in cognizance of the past experiences of cheating at the examinations.

The official told TOI, “As many as 77 major and 112 minor cases of using unfair means were recorded in 2017. The action was taken against 96% of the major and all minor cases. We have detected and documented cases of copying with the help of hidden Bluetooth devices, on dissection box and on body parts. This winter examination, several measures have been adopted to avoid this,” said the official.

Medical Dialogues had earlier reported about the dress code issued by the MUHS, which left no chance of cheating through papers and notes.

Only half-sleeve shirt/T-shirt, faint colour shirt, full pant or sari or salwar kamij will be allowed to wear. No permission had been granted to wear shoes. MBBS medicos were strictly directed to wear only chappals/slippers during the examination period. Watch, mobile/cell phone, headphone or any electronic equipment(s), rings, chain or any ornaments will not be allowed along with an apron, cap, sunglass, money purse and wallet.

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Many MBBS medicos had earlier stated that the MUHS’s directive on wearing slippers or chappals instead of shoes would not have much of a bearing on them. The colleges’ authorities had also supported the dress code.

However, objections were raised to the clause that stated, “The dress code is a must for all students, including those from religious minority institutions under MUHS’ jurisdiction.

Facing backlash over the said clause, MUHS had eased the conditions for such MBBS students.

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Hi-tech security measures like CCTV is also one of the actions taken this year to avoid copying incidents during the examination. Besides, similar to the lines of National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), the varsity has also introduced the concept of a central room to keep all the belongings of MBBS examinees.

MBBS students wearing scarf or burka etc. will be checked prominently. Only female supervisors can check female students. In addition to all the measures, internal vigilance squads have been put in place for each of the 123 centers to ensure copying-free examinations.

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