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University Ranking on research Citations: PU at 9th, PGIMER 19th, AIIMS 20th

University Ranking on research Citations: PU at 9th, PGIMER 19th, AIIMS 20th

Punjab: The Netherlands-based Leiden University Rankings 2017 shows Punjab as having fallen from the 4th to the 9th rank in India, in the category of proportion of papers among the top 10% most frequently quoted for any institution.  While the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)  and All India Institute of Medical Sciences have been listed 19th and 20th on the list.

The rankings that reflected on May 17 were based on research paper references between 2012-2015  of 902 international institutions reflected  in the science database web.

Using fractional counting, references till the end of 2016 were considered, giving more weightage to non collaborative publications as against the collaborative ones. Compiled by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands the first edition of ranks was published in 2007.

Punjab University was seen with 7% of its publications among  the 10% of most cited publications, while PGIMER stood at a 4.5 % in 2017 edition of rankings. The 2016 rankings reflected Punjab University with a 7.4 %  of its publications in the 10% most cited publications, while PGIMER stood at a 4.4%.

Punjab University is seen fairing fairly well  by being 13th in rank with 0.4% of its publications falling under the category of 1% of the most cited publications.  Punjab University held the 13th position in this category for the year 2016.

In the 50% most cited publications category  the university of Punjab ranks 6th with 46.1% of its publications and PGIMER holds the 19th position, Meanwhile Punjab bagged the top position in the same category for the year 2017.

Punjab University held the 14th position for the year 2017 for collaborations with the industry.In the collaborative research paper section Punjab University is at the top with 69.1%.  2016 saw Punjab again topping the chart with 68.4% collaborations.

Professor Rajat Sandhir of the Punjab University taking pride in his university inputs told HT,“In spite of all odds, we are doing good in research in sciences. It feels great to be a part of top institutes of this country. We need to keep it up.”

Punjab seems to be doing fairly well without fractional counting formula application, as well,  for it tops the country in the categories of proportion of papers in the top 10% and 50% of the most cited papers. However, it ranks  at the no 3 position in the top 1% most cited papers.

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