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Unaided medical colleges may be allowed to charge 3 times Fee for 25 percent seats

Unaided medical colleges may be allowed to charge 3 times Fee for 25 percent seats

Mumbai: The unaided medical colleges in Maharashtra may be allowed to charge a hefty fee from at least 25 per cent of the students from this academic year.

Discussions for the same are in the final stage between the state government and the association of unaided medical institutions for post-graduate seats for which admissions will begin next week.

Girish Mahajan, medical education minister said, “The unaided medical colleges have said that they are unable to sustain with the fee fixed by the government as they have to spent from pocket to establish the colleges.

“They have demanded two-three fold fee for 50 per cent of the total intake. However, after negotiations, they are now seeking three fold fee for 25 per cent seats.”

“I think we will have to do something about their demand. It has to be accepted up to some extent,” Mahajan said.

It is likely that if relaxation is approved for post-graduate courses, it may be extended to under-graduate courses as well.

Supreme Court has already ruled that all medical admission will be done through NEET and state governed centralized admissions process.

Besides, from last year, their fees have also brought under control through a law.

Source: PTI
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  1. user
    Rajkumar Bansal April 27, 2017, 1:44 pm

    Any private medical college needs to meet its expenditure and around 10% profits. If all admissions are through NEET then there is no scope for any malpractice and a suitable mechanism should be put in place such that private colleges do not profiteer yet they remain sustainable or else they would have to shut down. MCI should be an active partner in this process. Health is an essential good for the development of any country. The PM office is known for its no nonsence and pragmatic approach. I believe if it takes control of this fee determination process then it should arrive at a sensible solution as other stake holders have deep vested interests and are not reliable as previous experience has shown. If colleges in India will shut down then students will be forced to study in countries as Russia or China. This is contrary to Made in India efforts and when the whole world, including USA, EU etc are protecting their Industries and their economy, we also need to find out fair mechanisms to ensure protection of our industries and services also.

  2. user
    Balbhadra Dhagat April 27, 2017, 11:53 am

    Although, about 6 months back MCI has resolved to permit establishment of new Medical Colleges for profit, these old Medical Colleges were established by Trusts/Societies/Companies for charitable purpose & not for profit. But they have merrily been indulging in profiteering by criminally charging sky-high capitation fee in unaccountable cash. With passage of time the crimes of these founders of Med Colleges are now recognized as glorious philanthropy. They are, in fact, akin to the criminal, sentenced to gallows for having murdered both parents, seeking pardon from the punishment for being an orphan.

  3. then 25% with 3 times fees who is the 25% – what is the NEET examination then paying high fees – No justification of the robbery