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Tanda Medical College- MD Radio-diagnosis course not recognised, admissions, however continue

Tanda Medical College- MD Radio-diagnosis course not recognised, admissions, however continue

Palampur: 14 passouts of the MD Radiodiagnosis course from Tanda Medical College stand in limbo, in light of the fact that the said course is not recognized by the Medical Council of India.

Ironically, a report in The Tribune points out that the course at Radio Diagnosis Department at Tanda Medical College continues to run despite not fulfilling the requisite  infrastructural and faculty norms of the Medical Council of India.

Radio Diagnosis pass outs of the college continue to live in a state of sheer helplessness, as they are neither eligible for a further super-specialization courses or are able to find employment in other parts of the country for radiology. Careers of 14 Post graduate doctors stand jeopardized since 2011, when the course was started. Seemingly, the Radio Diagnosis Department remains indifferent to their plight.

According to information, ever since the inception of the course in 2011, fourteen students joined it.Of these two batches, those of 2011-14 and 2012-15 comprising of five candidates have already been conferred  with degrees. However, the recognition to the department is yet to come, as the shortcomings that were revealed four years ago by the apex body, continue to prevail. The laid back attitude of the authorities has kept the Medical Council of India from granting the Department of Radio Diagnosis recognition. The college on its part continues to carry on with the course, despite it having now been de-recognized due to the existing shortcomings. Moreover,  the Department on its part has increased the seats from two to three.

The situation seems to have worsened still,  as the state government  has failed to  make adequate amends to the objections raised by the Medical Council of India’s inspecting body. The faculty has also lessened in number, with teachers being transferred to other colleges.

The worst hit in this case are the students, who after having cleared the course, still are in possession of degrees which have no value as the Medical Council does not recognize them. According to a source in the Rajendra Prasad Medical College, the Tanda Principal has taken up the issue with the Medical Council Of India authorities and the shortcomings in the Radio Diagnosis Department are also being addressed.

It is now believed that the Medical council of India has consented to inspect the Tanda Medical College’s Radio Diagnosis in the near future.

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  1. RADIO -DIGNOSIS (MD) VinayKa Mission A
    Salem (TN) where MCI sanctioned P G Corse 10 yrs back yet to be recognised by MCI but ever yr but the management admitting students is it MCI sleeping?

  2. This country went to the dogs the day we got Independence. Can you imagine anywhere in the world where a governing body (e.g like MCI) will allow to commence a course but will give recognition only years later, jeopardizing a person\’s future!! We\’re the ugliest & filthiest people on Earth. God sent Modi, but what\’s the use of an angel among Devil\’s people. We were better of under British rule. See how far countries like Singapore & Hong Kong developed!!!

  3. Who will put the bell on the neck of MCI-GOVT Rulers? 2 put a full stop for it.

  4. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan February 11, 2017, 4:37 pm

    Despite being aware of the situation these 14 students shouldn\’t have continued their studies. How can any body practice medicine with out proper guidance and training , it is unfair to allow Qualified QUACKS to practice and put the life of innocent patients into jeopardy. The authorities and the Government has to be blamed and even punished . The people sitting at the Top might have forced the DEAN and HOD to do the wrong things . I STRONGLY suspect Corrupt PRACTICES in this case. Most of these students may be highly influence or even bribed the crooks. 3 years to long to set it right , it\’s mere act of arrogance or extreme act high headness. It requires CBI investigations. Or some one should file a Public INTEREST litigation. the P G seat in Radiodiognosis cost close to 3 CRORE In Pvt medical colleges. 30000000X 14::;42 crores. Very huge money. Corruption means Black money and Black money means Corruption. Dr Ramesh Vardhan