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Tamil Nadu: Two special bills to be introduced to exclude State from NEET

Tamil Nadu: Two special bills to be introduced to exclude State from NEET

The Tamil Nadu Government in its effort to protect the economically backward student interests has decided to introduce two bills in the Legislative Assembly to exclude the state from the purview of the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for both under graduate and post graduate courses.

 The DMK ,Working President, M K Stalin, on Saturday demanded that the state pass a bill to that effect in the current assembly session.

In a statement, he said the state should have the president’s prior  consent for the bill and added that such a bill would help rural students in a big way.

“NEET will affect rural students who want to join MBBS or BDS. As early as 2013, the Supreme Court dismissed NEET stating that it was not needed for medical admission. Each and every state has different needs and students from all states cannot appear for a common all India test,” said Stalin in a statement.

“Our government, between 2006 and 2011, under DMK chief M Karunanidhi, scrapped the entrance exams for MBBS as rural students were finding it tough to clear them,” said Stalin.

The Bills to be introduced during the course of this session, are anticipated to find a  smooth passage in the Assembly ,as all parties are together on the question of NEET elimination from the state reports the TOI.

 Tamil Nadu has been opposing NEET on the grounds that it would severely affect the prospects of rural students as they could not afford coaching to compete for admission in medical colleges.

The state government had addressed the supreme court for the state being exempted from taking the test; however,last year, the Supreme Court announced its decision to make NEET mandatory all across the country/

 Medical and dental seats in the state of Tamil Nadu are presently filled up on the basis of cumulative marks in class 12 examinations. Approximately 15 per cent of the seats were reserved for admission through the all India quota, among successful candidates in the All India Pre Medical and Pre Dental examination reported the Hindu.


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  1. Every profession or course has a prerequisite. Any one wanting to join it must acquire those prerequisites. Whether rural or urban does not matter. By making such rules and concessions we have ruined th country over the years.




  3. In 2003 maharashtra did the same thing for all india candidates.SC scrapped this.
    bcoz of this reasons TN unable to contribute to all india selections in IITs&IS. instead of spoiling children opportunities govt should encourage for competitive spirit.

  4. The presently existing method of selection for professional courses including MBBS/BDS, by the government of Tamilnadu and its procedure for making common merit ranking among applicants from different qualifying examinations and various boards based on the POLICY of \”statistical normalization and test equating \” is based on the sub-clause 3 of the ACT 3 of 2007,Tamilnadu. This statistical normalization for equating was adopted in lieu of erstwhile CET in Tamilnadu since 2007.
    The sub-clause 5 (i) of the said ACT stipulates a method and its mathematical illustration for the purpose of equating by normalization between all aspirants/ applicants. The indended purpose of this newer method as envisaged in the said ACT is to equalize the level of naturally inevitable difficulty/easiness between different qualifying school examinations in various years of appearing and in different eligible boards of higher secondary education.
    But this existing method is absolutely arbitrary,unscientific,unfair,illegal and unconstitutional. This stale method was negligently copied without wit from BITS,Pilani by one Dr.Ananthakrishnan committee in 2006 whose reports were blindly adopted as legislative bill 39 of 2006 in Tamilnadu Assembly by erstwhile DMK government. Already BITS,Rajasthan discontinued this stale method in 2004 ,subsequent to a court case which was petitioned by HRD ministry,GoI. At least three different high courts have quashed the similar unstatistical methods as unconstitutional. Including Madras high court in 2007 which pronounces this method as ARTIFICIAL and suggested further review,even though this high court upheld the POLICY of Statistical normalization for equating.
    Even before,this concerned Bill 39 of 2006,Tamilnadu was assented by the president,ministry of Health,GoI raised a conscious objection against this unnatural and unconstitutional method of Tamilnadu for \”equating and normalization\”. Unfortunately,even the honorable President of India inadvertently gave assent to this ACT which contains this unscientific and unconstitutional method for the purpose of equating all applicants from different qualifying exams. WRONG METHOD FOR RIGHT POLICY !
    Even in 2016, government of Tamilnadu did not respect & enforce the ORDINANCE & subsequent amendment ACT for NEET -2016 ( IMC ACT ). Though the 2016 ordinance & ACT of union GoI exempted only those state governments which conducted their own Common entrance examinations for UNIFORM EVALUATION among its candidates in the year 2016, this adamant government of Tamilnadu did not conduct any state level entrance examination for evaluating inter-se merit ranking ,which was mandatory as per the amended IMC ACT till 2016. The selection process of 2016 was illegal , even though it conducted the selection transparently but by unfair method according to the ACT 3 of 2007, in Tamilnadu.
    Without due amendment by repealing the sub-clause 5(i) of the ACT 3 of 2007,Tamilnadu,- by approved and appropriate method for fair equating by statistical normalization among all aspirants,by either \”percentile method\” or by Standard Deviation – z scores,
    so,any attempt to oppose the NEET 2017 by Tamilnadu without amending this existing unconstitutional method for normalization will be utterly ridiculous and liable for quashing by honourable courts. But the selection must be based on merit only by IMC / MCI ACT & rules. MCI has already repealed the selection method based on mere marks obtained in qualifying examination. Only method for uniform evaluation accepted as per IMC ACT now is by NEET. Sathiyam should win !. Till then,the fate of hard working students-aspirants for medical courses from adamant and ambiguous state of Tamilnadu is like living under the proverbial sword of Damocles !. God save our children from India ?