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Tamil Nadu: Medical aspirants reel under pressure of NEET

Tamil Nadu: Medical aspirants reel under pressure of NEET

Tamil Nadu: Medical aspirants in the state continue to feel the pressure of national competitive examinations like NEET. If we go by simple statistics in the last two years, only one-fourth students qualified (of those who appeared)-in the all-India medical entrance test from Tamil Nadu.

TOI has reported an RTI reply from Central Board of Examinations which shows that less than 10% of students from Tamil Nadu – across all boards – clear the all-India medical entrance. In 2011, 9,514 students from the state appeared for the exam and 207 qualified, the next year 10,187 students took the exam and 273 cleared it. 2013 was the only year which saw a considerable improvement when 11,019 of the 22,073 students who had appeared reported a positive check.

This academic year, with Supreme Court’s final verdict on state CET, many aspiring students seeking admissions in medical colleges, have more to worry about. Even, private universities have not been granted permission to hold their own medical admission tests. With this all the students have now to prepare for the NEET patten exam, which is different from the state pattern exam

This leaves students with very little chance to get admission in colleges in their own state. Usually, they try to get an admission in medical colleges in the state or through management quota.

Officials, on the other hand are also concerned about the fact that NEET will only lead to a situation where other students are benefiting from the subsidized medical education in the state. Rs 60,000 is the total course fee which also includes the hostel charges.

One common reason cited for the aptitude of local students in Tamil Nadu, or any other vernacular state in South is the state board syllabus. The local syllabus they follow continues to hamper the dreams of many students who choose to appear for competitive examinations. In most cases, majority of the students do not even attempt it.

Source: with inputs from TOI
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  1. To the Honourable Supreme Court,

    Again A BIASED AND UNFAIR JUDGEMENT ! It’s an earnest request ! NEET PHASE-2 SHOULD BE CANCELLED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT & BE IMPLEMENTED FROM NEXT YEAR as it is HIGHLY UNJUSTIFIED AND UNFAIR for Students who have already cleared Private Exams like Manipal, AMU, COMEDK etc. as well as for STATE PMT students and also preparing for NEET Phase-2 in such a Short Period despite knowing the HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THE SYLLABUS !!!

    Who is saying NEET is a wrong decision ?? It is a good decision but not at all for this year !!


    Students who’s 1st Test didn’t go well, I know you all would be happy, but for a moment take a pause to see from other angles also !!! Is it fair for other students who have already cleared private exams or State PMT’s ? Isn’t it selfish just to see only your benefit ? SC should reverse to the original AIPMT the way it was for this year only thereby preventing all sorts of chaos and confusion, hence a Fair Decision for everyone !!

    Not all 5 fingers are same ! Not all Private colleges are currupt ! There are many good private colleges like Manipal so transparent that they declare the scores there and then !

    Likewise, even Private Hospitals or Private Schools might also be taken over !! This is not done !! Private means Private !!

    Just because a few Private Colleges are corrupt and produce non-deserving doctors, then what about the Unjustified Quota System which produces thousands of undeserving doctors at such low scores 300 or 400 out of 720 !! Anybody has answer to this ?? Then why not SC abolish this Quota System as well ????