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Unacceptable: Juniors at Govt Medical College beaten in the name of ragging

Unacceptable: Juniors at Govt Medical College beaten in the name of ragging

Chennai: In a  concerning case of ragging, first year students at Government Medical College in Omandurar Estate,  have alleged that they were beaten up by seniors when they resisted ragging. The victims have revealed being forced to talk to over the phone to their facebook list of boys and if they resisted, they were made to parade around with shoes on their heads in and around the hostel.

The incident surfaced when sick of the alleged harassment some of them took courage and shot off a letter to the University Grants Commission (UGC) at around midnight on Thursday, requesting a shift from the hostel, fearing further harassment .

The UGC’s anti ragging cell prompt to act,  directed the Principal  to take action by filing an FIR within 24 hours, on the recommendation of local authorities. The Cell also directed the institutional head to identify the victims and have them counseled. The head was also asked to reassure the victims that action would be taken against those found guilty.

Dr. Jayanthi, the Vice Principal while speaking to the Indian Express said that they had received a word from the ragging cell and had  taken  prompt action. “In the committee’s observation, nothing serious has emerged and the allegations were minimal, like being sent to shops etc,” she told the Indian Express.

On the issue of being forced to converse with boys, the Vice Principal said that the authorities were talking to the first years’ individually, and had told them to put their complaints in writing, on the promise that their identities would not be disclosed.

“They threatened us into doing demeaning work and beat us up when we refused,” revealed one of the victims. She said that this had not happened for the first time and that the first years’ were in constant fear of harassment and abuse in the hostel.

20 students are being addressed with regards to this complaint, and  the inquiry is still on.

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  1. user
    Prof.Dr.AnsariTHameem May 8, 2017, 10:03 am

    Students who involve in ragging the students should think that it will jeoparidse thier carrier if authorities suspend them or even terminate them under extreme circumstances.Me as senior consultant surgeon had undergone similar fate being paraded by the seniors with shoes around our neck right in front of patients and paraded through the hospital way back in sixties and it is sad that still ragging continues and the jaws of the law should be firm in dealing with ragging students very very seriously.