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SV Medical College professors face allegations of sexual harassment by PG Medical student

SV Medical College professors face allegations of sexual harassment by PG Medical student

Tirupati: A PG medical student at SV Medical College  sent an email to the state Governor ESL Narasimhan in the last week of April alleging that three professors in the Paediatrics department were sexually harassing her. The contents of the mail were made public on Saturday. The governor on receiving the mail ordered an inquiry into the issue. The inquiry report is believed to be ready with the College Principal, Ramanaiah, who plans to hand it over to the NTR Health University soon.

 The girl is believed to have started receiving phone calls from the media after she filed her complaint, which resulted in her leaving the town.

In a conversation with the Indian Express, the Principal revealed that during the course of the inquiry the student refused to explain the problems she was facing with the professors and also did not want to register any complaints against anyone. The Principal alleged to Hans India that the girl is not keeping well, and has used this excuse as a ploy to protect her interests. she is believed to have been irregular in her attendance and since the professors are strict with students she is trying to escape in the above manner.

“She told the police that she now wanted only to focus on practical exams scheduled from May 14,” he said.

The accused professors on their part have also refuted all allegations made by the girl student. Speaking to the press, in Tirupati, they said the charges were baseless and were a result of the stress that the girl was undergoing.

“She has made baseless allegations out of fear of failing exams. We will not resort to such heinous acts. We too have grown up children. Even in her message to the governor, she said she will be failed,” one of the accused professors told Indian Express.

 Another accused by the student in an effort to explain the girl’s charge said, “She said she was under stress. We suggested she take a break to overcome the problem. But she insisted she was alright and wanted to continue. She might have made the complaint either because of stress or some influence. However, the charges are baseless and false,”

According to the college officials, the Governor’s office forwarded her message to the state government, which directed the Vice-Chancellor of NTR Health University to probe the issue. On the directive of the Vice Chancellor,  a committee headed by college Principal, Ramanaiah was asked to conduct an inquiry into the issue.

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