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Studying MBBS Abroad is not a costly affair anymore!!

Studying MBBS Abroad is not a costly affair anymore!!

Texila American University goes an extra mile to make studying MBBS abroad possible for deserving medical aspirants from India 

As we find ourselves in the month of September, the last three months would have certainly been a difficult period for medical aspirants. This can be seen throughout the country as students looking to secure an MBBS seat go through a mix of pressure, expectations, and anxiety.

According to the current scenario, out of approximately 15 Lakh NEET applicants this year, only around 75,000 are lucky enough to secure an MBBS seat in India.


NEET Counselling is coming to an end, what’s next?

Now that the NEET counselling has pretty much ended, there are still about 6+ lakh NEET qualified MBBS aspirants who are left wanting or disappointed. For this sizeable group of medical aspirants, there are only a few options and alternatives they can opt for. These options include – trying through NEET the next year, opting for management quota, choosing an alternative line of study or selecting an overseas study destination.

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Although these options seem relatively good, they come with their own set of challenges students will have to overcome. Trying through NEET the next year is not as plausible as it was before as a number of NEET applicants and the required cut-off scores keep increasing every year. This consistent increase in applicant numbers and the required scores makes the chance of succeeding the next year even slimmer.

The second is to opt for a management seat. This means only those students who have higher paying capacity can afford the fee and donations demanded by the private colleges, however, the number of remaining seats are very few at this stage. The next option is to entirely abandon MBBS plans and take up an alternate line of medical study like Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. All the above options involve a significant amount of compromise as the student is forced to change their preferences or shell out exorbitant amounts of money.

How about studying MBBS abroad?

The final option is opting to study MBBS abroad. Although this has become an increasingly popular trend off-late, there are many who are highly critical of this option. This inspite of the students having social and academic abilities along with numerous avenues to meet the required financial requirements. This is mainly due to a few worries, doubts and misinformation that makes a lot of students and parents apprehensive towards studying MBBS abroad. Once the students choose to study MBBS abroad, the number of options available to them are plentiful. That being said, choosing the right country and the right university is extremely crucial as there are many key factors to carefully analyse. These include costs – both tuition and living, safety, living conditions, social environment, quality of education, recognition of the university, etc.

Now, the study abroad option has become so much easier and accessible with the new scholarship for MBBS students, announced from Texila American University in Guyana, South America. Through this scholarship, Texila American University in association with the Niran Prabha Foundation gives the common Indian medical aspirant, an amazing opportunity to turn their doctor dreams into reality. With this scholarship, a student can attain a high-quality, globally recognised and affordable medical education from Texila American University’s Guyana campus, located in the northern part of South America.

Through this scholarship, we are providing an incredible opportunity to students who weren’t able to secure a medical seat in a government institution or cannot afford a management seat. We believe this scholarship for MBBS students will help the deserving, especially those who are about to give up on their medical dreams.

The scholarship lets the students complete their 5-year study period in the country of Guyana, South America at a total cost of approximately 30 lakhs rupees. As a total study cost, it is almost the same as the fees for government medical colleges in most Indian states. 

Another great aspect about studying in Guyana is that unlike most of the popular European or North-American study destinations, the living cost in Guyana is highly-affordable as it is very similar to India. With this reduced cost, the student will receive a world-class medical education, giving them great International exposure with local flavour. The benefits of the scholarship don’t just end here as Texila American University offers its students the option to do their clinical rotations either in Guyana or in the USA. Furthermore, after completing their MBBS from TAU-Guyana and depending on where they do their clinical rotations, they can start working as a medical practitioner in India, Guyana or the USA.

In short, this scholarship provides students with a highly-affordable world-class medical education, in a country known for its natural beauty and vast Indian diaspora. All this while providing them great options so they can create a bright and successful future for themselves.

As an international education provider, Texila American University in Guyana has students from over 60 countries. Through this scholarship, we believe in changing people’s lives and serving the community better by creating highly talented and responsible doctors for the future.

  • Authored by Saju Bhaskar, Founder and President of Texila American University, an overseas medical education university.

For More Details about the scholarship like eligibility, late date to apply etc;

  • Call: 8971833477 
  • Email:
  • Website: gy.tauedu. org




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    Dr Abhimanyu Bishnu September 20, 2019, 9:24 pm

    30 lakhs for govt seats? Who gave this information?
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