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Stress leads to low life expectancy among medicos: IMA Report

Stress leads to low life expectancy among medicos: IMA Report

Kozhikode: The low average life expectancy of doctors in Kerala as stated in a recent Indian Medical Association(IMA) Report has been unanimously associated with work-related stress by the medical fraternity. According to experts, medical students are not much different from the rest, as depression burnouts related to stress are very common to come by.

Academic and non-academic reasons have often been seen as factors leading medicos to cross stress boundaries. A recent case being that of a 23-year-old girl student of a  private medical college in Kozhikode district leaping to death from the top floor of the college building.

Professor of Psychiatry, KMCT Medical College P.N. Suresh Kumar, told The Hinduthat the tolerance level towards stress among the young er generation of medical students was at an all-time low today. “Many of them are impulsive and lack decision-making capacity. There could be a problem in their upbringing,” he said.


Medical studies with a well-defined structure and a series of practical exams call for regular hard work and a certain amount of competition too. Sometimes coping with it becomes difficult. “There is a physiological limit up to which people can stand the stress. If it goes beyond the limit, it can lead to depression and anxiety disorders,” Dr. Suresh Kumar told the Hindu.

Adjustment disorders and general anxiety disorders were the commonest ailments found among medical students. This leads to emotional instability and could be sudden mood swings. Some students are found taking recourse to drugs, he pointed out.

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A recent postgraduate committing suicide at the Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, due to depression, had  the Kerala Medical Post Graduates Association  urge the Vice-Chancellor of the Kerala University of Health Sciences for a residents’ grievance cell at all medical colleges and one at the state level as well

 It also expressed the need for setting up groups involving medical teachers, graduate and undergraduate students to address non-academic issues. It also spoke of intervention at the economic and personal level with students, said Rahul U.R the then Secretary, Association.

Dr. Suresh Kumar revealed that the suggestion to the university to set up counselling centres for students had remained on paper. “First and second-year undergraduate students need to be mentored. Such counselling centres could have gone a long way in addressing even the concerns of parents too,” he said.

A functionary of the Kerala Medicos Joint Action Council, meanwhile, pointed out that the varsity had neglected its stand that these groups address non-academic issues alone

He spoke of evolving a process whereby students suffering from depression could be identified and treated in accordance reports The Hindu.


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  1. – It was interesting to read a news item reported by Education Medical Dialogues Stress leads to low life expectancy among medicos: certainly a fact to be thought and to be discussed by many, when we are Medical students in late 60s we are least stressed, by the educational system and teachers, and teachers are more interested in making us better doctors, than caring for petty matters, Today there is much to learn and understand, today at the same time there are few teachers interested in teaching and most of the inefficient teachers live by creating discipline ,discuss more about uniforms and dressing, I know some teacher threaten for few silly reasons, and students live up with pent up emotions and lead to outbursts, and may take extreme steps in the life, we see in many medical colleges, people are elevated to senior positions without any rule or regulations live to the convince of the managements. under influence of power and free money in private medical colleges behave as real masters in everything we find much bullying by their our own colleagues It is not students and even the faculty will go into depression with bullying of inexperience people sitting in the administrative chairs, certainly feel we need an efficient , regular and academic Principals and regular attending Heads and Professors, as its is happening today with the absence of seniors many times ill experienced people mishandle the matters for their selfish ends and expect only disciple or they threaten with power to and certainly the Universities should monitor the matter by independent committees as fact finding in all issues related to student and their struggle to address the problems, However it is timely issue the Universities should address the matters without any pulls and pushes in the days of commercialized education system not forgetting the problems of the staff too are complex they also live with many challenges from their own students and administrators

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