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Safety of women in Medical Colleges: Medical Student recounts her ghastly tale

Safety of women in Medical Colleges: Medical Student recounts her ghastly tale

Kerala: The issue of safety of women in medical colleges, has indeed come to light, after a medical student, recently recounted a ghastly experience of an incident that happened to her at her medical college accommodation . Her heartfelt facebook post immediately went viral, drawing support from not just medical corners, but females from all walks of life, who empathized with the doctor.

Christina Elsa Sunny,  presently completing her house surgeon ship at Thrissur Government Medical College on the night of 19th May  while asleep  had an intruder creep into her bed in the fourth floor common dormitory accommodation, that she shares with her other batch mates. She woke up in a nightmarish state. Elsa shares the room with 9 other friends. The incident is a reflection of the security that government medical colleges offer to their women doctors/students.

Christina Elsa in her personal  facebook account revealed that boarders have often seen strangers loitering around the fourth floor accommodation area, which also houses the mess facility. Christina has been living in this make shift dormitory arrangement along with her friends for the past nine months. She complained of the easy access strangers have to the living area of the female house surgeons, in the absence of security. She also reveals that in the past incidents of trespass and burglary have  been reported on the fourth floor.

“ Even though we have notified of such mishaps, the authorities tended to cast a dubious eye upon us,”she regrets. Christina despite  being in the know of these untoward happenings has turned a blind eye to the episodes; being busy  with duties and her passionate preoccupation to  serve society.

However, the  night of the 19th changed her perception of things and society. One of the batch mates received a duty call, and after she departed, the remaining who happened to be in deep slumber did not bother to bolt the door. It was in the middle of deep sleep that Christina felt something crawling over her limp slumbering  body. She woke up to the rude shock of seeing a hazy masculine shadow of a 20 year old, easing out of her bed and disappearing into the darkness. The next moment her full throated cry woke her sleeping friends, who came to her aid. By then the intruder having romped out of her bed  had slithered into the darkness, without giving anyone  the opportunity to identify the miscreant

Her friends called up their male colleagues, who went looking around in the dark corridor and premises beyond, only to discover no one.

A complaint was filed with the superintendent, the next day, who as usual promised a few security measures.Christina’s immediate friends along with her decided that a protest be staged against this blatant breach of security. However, to her astonishing surprise the nine among themselves could not take a united stand on the issue of staging a protest.

Christina then decided to go it alone by scribbling the experience on her facebook page, wherein she added, “ I am not scribbling all these for your support , shares, or your precious likes. it’s only for the sake of my own conscience . WE ARE TOTALLY UNSAFE HERE. We only awake ourselves up when a JISHA OR DELHI INCIDENT happen among us..

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