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SAD but TRUE: Only 5 new medical colleges set up in last 3 years

SAD but TRUE: Only 5 new medical colleges set up in last 3 years

New Delhi: The government has voiced concern over the tardy progress in setting up of medical colleges in the country with only five of the proposed 58 colleges coming up in the last three years.

In a recent meeting, the Union Health Ministry has directed 19 states and a Union territory, where these medical colleges will come up, to expedite the work.

The Centre had in 2014 announced its plans to set up 58 government medical colleges in states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha and Bihar by December 2018.


“These 58 colleges are being set up in northern and northeastern states which have inadequate number of government medical colleges despite some of the states being densely populated.

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Source: PTI

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  1. Medical colleges deal with \’learning for saving lives\’. The process of opening medical college has to undergo a rigorous non-compromising check list. Declaring a college and finally begining admissions are two ends of a long really tardy process. MCI and other regulatory bodies should really be extremely strict in supervising the process. We need life savers not life takers.

  2. Govt should enhance no of mbbs seats in all the existing medical colleges to came out of this immediate crisis.

  3. One of the major hurdles in setting up medical colleges even for Governments is in getting sufficient & locally available medical teaching faculties on sustainable contract. The recent directive of union government in increasing PG seats(by 5000 seats once) in government run medical colleges has yielded good response,though diluting the standard of medical education at least over short duration. No other immediate solution possible for the crisis. By increasing PG seats, parallelly medical service to needy in nearby areas of medical college hospitals are too ensured. Beautiful ! .double difficult targets achieved by a single master stroke. Similarly GoI should plan to increase the undergraduate seats only in all government run medical colleges by another 25 or 50 percent immediately from 2017 itself to prevent exploding major medical &health care crisis in India.

  4. user
    Dr Ramesh VARDHAN March 10, 2017, 7:44 pm

    The cost of a metal bird called Sukhoi fighter get is 500 coares. Some other plane may cost us less than half of the price. Still we don\’t even think about buying it/ them . Rather we think about more expensive planes like Raffle, F 18, etc. Do you know why ???. We go for good rather the Best. No one like junk./ Or the Garbage. In fact the very symbol of one of our political party is the Broom, and other major party Bent upon cleaning up the garbage with its shach Bharath mission. Then why worry or to feel sad about not setup / starting the new medical colleges . we shouldn\’t encourage fifth producing factories ( medical colleges). Having ill trained , morally bankrupt doctor\’s are .more dangerous than the millitants . I rather prefer to visit a millitant area rather than getting treatment from the dangerous Doctors. Unfortunately we have them in excess, probably highest in the world. So don\’t go after the quantity , think about quality . unless and until one assure quality education and skill development with proper infrastructure, facilities and well trained and committed faculty members and adiquate patient input with different varieties of patients the teaching and training can never be complete. Doctors should not be dangerous than the disease. ie. treatment should not be a worse than the Disease because that leads damage, disability, death and destroy the Families with burden of financial bankruptcy and sadness .

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