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RML Hospital Revels 2019: FORDA launches Mentorship Program to Improve Mental Health of Resident Doctors

RML Hospital Revels 2019: FORDA launches Mentorship Program to Improve Mental Health of Resident Doctors

New Delhi: The inauguration of the Annual Cultural and Sports Festival at PGIMER and RML hospital, Revels 2019 saw the commencement of a determined initiative by Resident Doctors Association (RDA) at RML and Federation Of Resident Doctors Association (FORDA); aimed at improving the mental health of resident doctors all over the country.

With growing instances of violence at medical facilities and immense study pressure, resident doctors are more prone to depression and anxiety issues. Some doctors get so dejected that they start getting second thoughts and decide to change this noble profession.

Therefore, to deal with this of depression among resident doctors, FORDA has joined hands with Project “ASHA” and RDA RML and has now announced the “Mentorship Program” to improve the mental health of resident doctors and working environment at medical institutions.


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Speaking to Medical Dialogues, Dr Sumedh Sandanshiv, who is one of the organizers of the event said, “The instances of resident doctors suffering from depression are growing day by day. We desperately need a programme to tackle this matter. We are working 24*7 to improve working environments at health institutions. In addition, we have also come up with an online survey of resident doctors, “Workplace Violence Against Healthcare Professionals”, so as to analyze the factors which prompt violence at a medical facility and also how to prevent it.”

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Day 1 of Revels 2019 was organized in auditorium PGIMER and Dr RML hospital. Speaking at the event, Dr Gadpayle, Addl DG described the importance of this event in the life of overburdened and stressed doctors. He motivated everyone to actively participate in the workshop to get benefited.

In his address, Dr VK Tiwari Medical Director Dr RML Hospital wished for the success of the workshop and inspired the participants for a culturally rewarding stay in PGIMER and Dr RML hospital.

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Cover Page of “Sushruta 3rd edition” was unveiled at the inauguration of Revels and will be revealed after the publishing work is completed.

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Readers, who are interested to know more about the event, click on the official website of revels mentioned below:


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