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RIMS Ranchi: Professor, Associate professor, Cardiology into a fist fight in Cath Lab

RIMS Ranchi: Professor, Associate professor, Cardiology into a fist fight in Cath Lab

Ranchi: In an unfortunate incident which took place at the catheterization lab of Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), around 1 pm, two senior doctors of the college got into a physical scuffle over the ethics of a private doctor operating upon a heart patient admitted at RIIMS. One of them Dr Hemant Narayan, Head Cardiology, RIMS,  one of the two accused involved in the scuffle, dislocated a bone in his leg, while the other, Dr Prakash Kumar, Associate Professor, (cardiology) injured his small right-hand finger.

The police are believed to have received a complaint, however, no FIR has been lodged yet.

The issue over which the two got physical was  Dr Vishal Rastogi, a cardiologist from Delhi performing a cath lab procedure at RIMS, according to Telegraph.Though Dr Hemant Narayan was in favour of Dr Rastogi, conducting the procedure,  Dr Prakash Kumar did not approve of a private doctor operating at a government hospital.

“Dr Kumar strongly objected, citing RIMS rules. Dr Narayan was furious because he had invited the doctor (Rastogi) to RIMS. There was a heated exchange of words following which Dr Narayan punched Dr Kumar and he retaliated. In the clash, Dr Narayan dislocated a bone in a leg and Dr Kumar injured the little finger of his right hand,” a RIMS employee told the daily.

Acting Director, RIMS, Dr R.K. Srivastava conceded to a scuffle to have taken place between the two senior doctors; he however, refused to divulge details.

Bariatu thana OC Ajay Kumar Kesri meanwhile admitted to having received a complaint, yet to turn into an FIR. “But, an FIR will be registered,” he told Telegraph.

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  1. same problem as in suprim court but more violent

  2. Earlier RIMS was known as RMCH with Medical Superintendent being the head. Management was far better then. Now comes the era of stylish RIMS with Director being the head. But sadly, RIMS has acting Director, not a full time Director who can own the institution and hospitable and take bold steps with authority to set right the worsening situation which is quite evident by this unfortunate physical fight between two so called senior Doctors. Why at the first place an external private Doctor invited to operate in the Government Hospital who it is a strict no-no as per rules. And the height of audacity and indiscipline is that Dr Narayanan was not only furious on being stopped from break the laid rules but he also started physically assaulting (punched) Dr Kumar and dislocated his leg bone in the process. What example does it set before the young doctors and students of RIMS? Moreover, it also tarnishes the image of this institution. The more we condemn this episode, the less it is. But the acting director is playing safe and not giving any official statement just to hush up the matter. And the hero emerging is OC of Police Station who gives statement that FIR will be lodged etc.