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Reversal of MCI debarment of ICARE declined by SC

Reversal of MCI debarment of ICARE declined by SC

Kolkata: The Supreme Court has declined MBBS admissions to the Indian Centre for Advancement of Research and Education, Haldia (ICARE),for this year in the face of the Medical Council of India(MCI), derecognizing the institution, due to infrastructural deficiencies.

Earlier, the MCI had after derecognizing the college had cautioned the students to abstain from seeking admission in the institution. Run by an NGO linked to the expelled CPI(M) MP, Laxman Seth, ICARE was not given permission to admit candidates for undergraduate medical courses. The students pursuing courses after derecognition expressed their concern to the state government and the centre asking them to take steps to restore order in the place. The already admitted students had joined the institution after clearing the state level medical joint entrance examination.

The college has been given permission for admissions after yearly inspections of infrastructure by the MCI.This year a debarment was called for by the Council due to deficiencies of faculty and resident doctors.

A gross deficiency of bed occupancy of 8%  on the day of assessment, closed wards and low OPD attendance of only 250 were some of the reasons for the council disapproval with a 9 % casualty attendance, no Casualty medical officer on duty, no major or minor operations, and deliveries all counted towards the NCI disapproval reports Millenium post.

According to the inspection team, Radiological & Laboratory investigation was inadequate too. To add to the count a separate register for laboratory investigation was not there in the hospital,  ICUs and ICCU beds were not available, besides other small shortcomings.

Though an appeal was made to the Supreme court by ICARE, the apex court declined reports Millenium Post.

we think it appropriate to direct that the students who have been admitted in the respective courses shall be permitted to continue in the courses and the students who pass out from the institution, the MCI shall see to it that they are conferred degrees. The MCI is directed to conduct an inspection for recognition keeping in view the academic year 2018-19 and if during the inspection any deficiency is noticed, the same shall be intimated to the petitioner No. 2 institution and thereafter, process shall be carried out keeping in view the principles of natural justice in mind and the principles stated in IQ City Foundation (supra). The inspection shall be carried out as per the schedule by the MCI for grant of recognition for the academic year 2018-2019 and to avoid any kind of uncalled for situation, the application submitted for the academic year 2017-2018 shall be treated as an application for the academic year 2018-2019. The bank guarantee furnished by the institution shall not be encashed by the MCI and the petitioners shall keep it alive.

Attached is the judgement below

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