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Ragging: 52 MBBS students suspended from UP Medical College for beating juniors, cutting their hair

Ragging: 52 MBBS students suspended from UP Medical College for beating juniors, cutting their hair

Saharanpur: Despite several measures being taken up by the government and various medical college authorities, the menace of brutal ragging continues to plague Indian medical institutions.

The recent case of ragging has been reported from Shaikh-Ul-Hind Maulana Mahmood Hasan Medical College (Government Medical College Saharanpur) from where 52 MBBS students have been suspended from class for one month and from the hostel for six months on account of ragging first-year MBBS students.

Confirming the suspension to the news agency PTI, the Principal of the Government Medical College Saharanpur, Dr Arvind Trivedi stated that the MBBS students were suspended on Wednesday, 28th November after the complaints of ragging filed against them were found true by the Anti-Ragging Committee.


He informed that the MBBS students of 2016 and 2017 batch had beaten up and cut the hair of their juniors.

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According to media accounts, three third-year MBBS students and 49 students pursuing second year at the medical college, ragged around 40 MBBS students of 2018 batch; the late night on November 25, 2018.

The ragging incident came to light when the next day, more than 40 first year MBBS students complained to the Principal that they were beaten up, given Murga punishment and their hair was cut off in a mucky way. It has also been alleged by the victim-students that the seniors had restrained them of reading and sleeping.

Noting the seriousness of the issue, the Principal immediately held a meeting with the Anti-Ragging Committee, who further initiated an enquiry on the matter. News of incident soon reached to the entire medical college, indeed creating a stir within the medical college administration.

However, within 36 hours, the inquiry committee submitted its report finding all the complaints filed by the first year MBBS students, as true. Subsequently, 52 students, including include 3 MBBS students of 2016 batch and 49 students of 2017 batch were suspended by the medical college administration, adds Patrika.

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So far, the medical college has resolved the matter on its own and the police have not been officially included in this case. However, the medical college administration has informed DG, Secretary, District Administration and Police, of the said incident as well as its action on the same, reports Live Hindustan.

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  1. Ragging is just for fun entertainment amusement and pleasure . Mind your own work this is a cruel world. Concern with yourself only . Maje lene ke liye . participating in ragging is the sign of overconfidence all those in good colleges become over confident and they think now we will trouble others and enjoy our life . They want to show their Supreme Power. This is because it happened with them . Now they want to get revenge. How stupid . Focus on yourself only .

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