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Punjab: Vacant posts at GMC, Patiala and Rajindra hospital to be filled soon

Punjab: Vacant posts at GMC, Patiala and Rajindra hospital to be filled soon

Patiala, July 1: The Punjab Government has decided to fill all vacant posts of specialist  doctors  at the Government Medical College & Rajindra Hospital, in order to help patients overcome difficulties. It has also sought proposal details of the needs of the  institutions.

Medical Education Minister Brahm Mohindra who Presided over a seminar on the occasion of International Doctors’ Day at Government Medical College held that the previous SAD-BJP government for bringing the institution to its ruinous state today. He said that while this government went ahead and bought machinery worth crores which was of no use to the hospital, it had not looked after its basic needs.

As per the latest  Medical Council of India Report there are   16.4% vacancies existing in the institution. Though sources tagged the figure of vacant positions of  professors, associate professors, assistant professors, senior residents and other technical and Class IV staff,  to have now crossed 35%.

The vacancy figures now have the college in doldrums as far as recognition of 50 of its MBBS  seats go.Running with a 150 seats since 1969, which were raised to 200 in 2014 the college stands endangered for 50 of its seats today. When the figure had reached 200 the MCI had declared that inspections would be held annually to see and assess whether the college was capable to accommodate the increased strength and provide the students the  best facilities.

The April 2015,inspection of the  MCI recommended cancellation of these 50 seats due to various shortages. One of the main being a 13% faculty shortage. However the college authority  pleadings  helped save their face and they were allowed to continue with the increase.

The Medical Education Department doesn’t seem to have learnt its lessons from its previous mistakes. The faculty position has deteriorated ever since.

The authorities  claimed to have made the best of efforts to fill the vacancies, but faced failure due to multiple reasons, including non-availability of competent doctors, delay in DPCs and some legal hitches.

Brahm Mohindra claims that the  Congress government has taken up the task of restoring the institution to its yester year glory..

According to him an allocation of  Rs 100 crore for the Government Medical College and Rajindra Hospital has been assigned by the government in its  first budget, meant to give a complete facelift to the institute.

The state department will soon be issuing Rs 20 crore to the hospital and also provide financial assistance to trauma centres on its premises he added.

The Secretary, Medical Education Department, Vikas Pratap, has  motivated doctors to come forth to assist poor patients .He  also spoke of the government’s commitment to the welfare of both the patients and the doctors reports Tribune.


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