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Punjab: MCI derecognises four PG medical courses in Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences

Punjab: MCI derecognises four PG medical courses in Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences

Bathinda: Four courses of the Adesh Institute of Medical Science and Research (AIMSR), stand ‘de recognized’ by the Medical Council of India(MCI) along with them, some degrees of students are also being stated as ‘not-recognized’ by the apex body.

After due study of the Council Assessor’s Report of Inspection, done in June, this year, the Postgraduate Medical Education (PME) Committee of the MCI, came to the conclusion of not granting recognition to the qualification of MS (General Surgery), MD (Pathology)and MD (Community Medicine) courses with respect to students being trained at the AIMSR.

The denial of recognition was based on the low standards of examination and other teaching facilities. It was these deficient that led to the MCI to disapprove ‘Recognition of qualification’ for two seats each under MD(Microbiology), and MS(General Surgery); Four seats under MD(Pathology); and three seats under MD (Community Medicine).

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The MCI also denied permission to the AIMSR to start the new course of MD (microbiology)as it had found numerous deficiencies in the four courses.

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The PME Committee also observed deficiencies like recruitment and promotion against norms of some of the faculty members .The committee  noticed Vice-Chancellor, Dr GP Singh,  shown as professor of  MD (Community Medicine) course.

Some of the other glaring shortcomings observed by the PME included: small research laboratory with inadequate equipment, paramedical staff failing to produce ID proofs, Doubts over full-time faculty, decrease in OPD patients shown in 2013 to 2015, nil occupancy and only two deliveries at the RHTC, no epidemiologist, including  several other faults.

The MCI had on an earlier occasion also denied permission to start four new post graduate courses- MD (Anaesthesia), MD (Radio-Diagnosis), MS (ENT)and MS (Orthopaedics). This denial  came in the face of various lacunae observed on the part of the MCI during an inspection  in September 2015; and the resultant failure on the part of  AIMSR to come up with a satisfactory compliance report regarding the same in December 2015.

The MCI at that point gave a clear directive that admissions done for these course seats, except for the  first batch, would be considered irregular/illegal, not in accordance with the MCI stipulations and therefore, ‘ not recognized.’

As per provisions of the Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000, failure to seek timely recognition, as required should invariably result in discontinuation of admission to the PG course concerned.

The provisions also state- compliance if to be submitted by the college,s has to be done within four weeks, and before the next admission, so that recognition issues can be decided, well in time.

However, in the absence of compliance or submission of an unsatisfactory one, discontinuation of admission would automatically be the status of postgraduate course against the above mentioned seats.

Some other stark irregularities observed by the MCI included:

  • Dr Prem Kumar, Professor, Unit III, MS (General Surgery), promoted after the cut off date; his column of ‘Benefit of Publication’ left blank, ‘ implying no research publications against the required four- an essential. Hence, his promotion was not to be considered. With just two faculty members-the teaching unit stands incomplete, stated the body
  • Total number of patients admitted as Indoor Patients Department (IPD) has decreased from 6,060 in 2013 to 5,924 in 2015
  • Specialty clinics like cardiovascular and thoracic surgery clinic, urology clinic, surgical gastroenterology clinic, neurosurgery clinic and pediatric surgery clinic were found not running
  • The total IPD in 2015 – 5,924; total major operations-5,649, which means only 306 patients admitted, who did not have any major su.rgery, a fact which did not seem not feasible
  • 10,150 minor operations were conducted (excluding 772 day care operations), which means they were also admitted

Similarly, recognition to MD (Microbiology) and MD (Pathology) seats were not given based on molecular lab under-development, no verification of promotions related to promotion of doctors, stipend paid to residents lower than state government payments in the former and promotional deficiencies in the face of irregular ID proof and promotions not in accordance with regulations

Giving the AIMSR point of view on the MCI stance, Dr Harkiran Kaur, Principal, Adesh Institute of Medical Science and Research, Bathinda said . “It can be said that degrees are ‘temporarily not recognized’ as there are minute and wrong deficiencies put by the MCI inspector and in compliance report, we would cover-up our minute shortcomings. Some deficiencies regarding, a few professors, who have been promoted, are earlier, rectified by members of the MCI also. In many other universities, in the region also, VCs are acting as professors too.”

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  1. user
    Balbhadra Dhagat December 9, 2016, 6:13 pm

    Adesh University Vice Chancellor Dr (Lt Col) G P I Singh has been rejected as Prof (Community Med) during Recognition Insp for 3 PG seats on 23 June 2016. Dr JSN Murthy, VC of Sri Ramachandra University (Deemed), Chennai is also working as a Prof in its Constituent Medical College in Deptt of Cardiology. Based on insp on 27 March 2015, MCI accepted him as a Prof & recognized 3 seats in DM (Cardiology). This proves that MCI does approve VC as teacher in Constituent Medical College.

  2. user
    Balbhadra Dhagat December 9, 2016, 2:22 pm

    Based on inspection on 12 Feb 2014, MCI permitted Shri Guru Gobind Singh Tri Centenary Medical College (under Shri Guru Gobind Singh Tri Centenary University) to commence MD (Forensic Medicine). Dr TS Dogra was one of the mandatory three teachers required & MCI accepted him even though he was then the VC of the University. MCI has no distinct policy which prohibits a VC not to function as a Professor in Medical College.

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