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Punjab Medical College reduces fee by Rs 20 lakh to fill vacant NRI seats

Punjab Medical College reduces fee by Rs 20 lakh to fill vacant NRI seats

Faridkot: NRI quota seats having lost luster in Punjab, has made the management of  Sri Guru Ram Das Medical College (SGRDMC), Amritsar, decide to lower its fee for MBBS and dental seats. It hopes  to attract the Non Resident Indian flow with this move. Adesh Medical College, Bathinda, the other prominent medical institution in the state  has decided to follow suit, say sources.

The SGRDMC, Amritsar has lowered its tuition fee for its MBBS course from $1.1 lakh (Rs 70 lakh) to $95,000 (Rs 60.47 lakh) and also waived the registration fee  amounting to $16,500 (Rs 10.5 lakh). The reduction takes off a burden amounting to  $31,500 (Rs 20.05 lakh) from the shoulder of the NRI parent. The college offers 23 MBBS seats under its NRI quota.

For its BDS category courses falling under the NRI quota, the college management has decided to offer a hostel fee waiver along with a tuition fee reduction from $44,000 (Rs 28 lakh) to $30,000 (Rs 19.09 lakh).

Adesh Medical College charges $1.25 lakh (Rs 79.5 lakh) for its MBBS courses under the NRI quota. However, after the SGRDMC’s decision to lower its NRI quota fee, Adesh is also considering the same, to keep pace with the resulting competition, claim sources.

The lowering of fee in Sri Guru Ram Das Medical College (SGRDMC), Amritsar, has been the outcome of the college management’s personal initiative; which otherwise, falls in the domain of the Department of Medical Education and Research; the government body meant to fix the fee structure for all government and private colleges in the state.

The primary reason for lowering of fee is the high percentage of vacant seats  that are being witnessed in the NRI MBBS and BDS courses in the past years, in the state’s colleges.

Last year, 100 MBBS seats out of 115 and all 202 BDS seats under the NRI quota had remained vacant. Only 29 MBBS aspirants under the NRI quota were found eligible for admission and 15 took admission, reports the Tribune.

Student preference in the case of MBBS courses continues to remain with  Ludhiana’s DMCH and the Amritsar college. Of the 15 NRI admissions last year, 13 went the DMCH way and two remained with the Amritsar college.

The Amritsar college in an effort to match the prevailing competition with the DMCH has lowered its NRI quota fee for the current academic year.

Recently the (SGRDMC),decision to convert its 75 % government quota MBBS seats to  management quota seats  and also hike the tution fee  from Rs. 13.43 lakh to Rs. 46.10 Lakh had the college hogging limelights

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  1. This year hardly 1500 candidates of have Cleared NEET exam and more than 4000 seats are available allover the country.

  2. NRI students pay these much high fees and tension during the studies it is seriously thinking these children to invest the money (70 Lacks for MBBS one One core for MD/MS) meats fees alone 1.70 core to do some business shops or textile or grocery or they wish to go for other PG course which is very cheap in Management category and get good employments than a Doctor who study for 10 years. which get potential in job Market. Medical Education is looting the NRI parents with PG course like MD and MS. There is change require and why NR(I students are treated differently. If they treat other citzens it is ok and NRI should not looted in the name of Medical education. what to do, all are join together to loot these students is not acceptable in the long run .