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Chintpurni Medical College: MCI recommends admission debar; the last batch wants a shift

Chintpurni Medical College: MCI recommends admission debar; the last batch wants a shift

Pathankot: Trouble seems to be mounting for the Chintpurni Medical College as The Medical Council of India (MCI),  in its recommendation to the centre has  advised, that  Chintpurni Medical College be  debarred from admitting students in the MBBS course for next two sessions (2017-18, & 18-19). The college has  failed to maintain standards even after the inspection held last month. Moreover, the last remaining batch of the college also wants to shift out, media reports state.

Chintpurni seems to have been facing problems galore ever since its inception in 2011-12. Recently, 141 student redressed court and got themselves adjusted in 9 other medical colleges in Punjab. This year another petition has been filed by the only batch left behind, requesting  for a transfer, as well.  This in all probability will be the last  last straw on the camel’s back.

The students who have already been shifted and been admitted in nine other colleges, were the first batch taken in at Chintpurni in 2011-12. They moved out of the institution pleading that the degree of the college was no longer valid, keeping in mind the failure on the part of the management to get  MCI recognition. The batch of a 101 students admitted in 2014-15 in the institution has also raised a cry in court regarding the same.

The junior batch has brought the MCI’s March 16 appraisal of the college to the notice of the High Court, which shows the institution 100% deficient in faculty. They have also raised the issue of their future being jeopardized as classes are not being held and they  are ending up with no practical experience as well, as there are not many patients in the affiliated hospital .

The students have also informed the court about the Punjab National Bank going ahead with selling the college properties to recover the Rs. 100 crore loan repayment of the medical institution. According to the students the education regulator has also been approached by the Banks with the request to shift the students to other institutions, so that the college premises can be taken over for sale.

The batch of a 101 were taken in after three years of the starting of the institution as it was struggling to get MCI ‘s admission sanction. It was also the last approval given by the regulator, as the poor reports of the MCI have not allowed for further admissions to the college.

After having heard the students plea ,the High Court has asked the MCI, the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences and the state government to file their replies on 26th April.

The High Court, which heard the petition on April 22, directed the state government, the Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, which governs the state’s medical colleges, and the MCI to file their replies by the next hearing on April 26 reports the HT.

A short look back on institutional developments:

  • The college got its first sanction of a  batch of 150 MBBS students a year after it was formally opened.
  • 2011-12 saw 141 admissions take place at Chintpurni
  • 2012-13 and 2013-14  did not favour its fate; the college failed to get recognition due to infrastructural deficiencies
  • 2014 saw the fall coming with 141 students moving court for a shift to other institutions in the face of recognition not being granted by the MCI due to facility deficiencies.
  • The college was granted permission the same year to admit another batch due to Supreme Court intervention
  • 2015-16 saw a repeat of approvals for admission not being granted
  • March 2015 saw 141 students shifted to nine other medical institutions
  • Lately the second and last batch has also redressed court for a shift out from Chintpurni

Deficiencies pointed out by the latest MCI report

  • 87% faculty deficiency
  • 82% residents doctors short
  • Number of patient admissions, radio logical and laboratory investigations grossly inflated.
  • Average OPD attendance is 401 against requirement of 1,200 per day.
  • Hospital bed occupancy was zero on day of assessment.
  • There was only one major surgery on the day of inspection.
  • CT Scan workload was zero.
  • There was no woman attendant in the labour room. Data fudged.
  • Orthopaedics ward, operating theaters were found locked during inspection.


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  1. user
    Balbhadra Dhagat April 22, 2017, 1:52 pm

    Chintpurni is surely sinking.Permitted wef 2011-12 for 150 MBBS seats, Chintpurni, ‘conditionally recognized’ by Central Govt in March 2016, by overriding MCI, is itself facing problems.
    Court has already adjusted its MBBS 4th Year Batch of entire 141 students of AY 2011-12 in 9 other Med colleges (3 State & 6 Pvt). 2012-13, 13-14 & 14-15 were zero years.
    In 2016-17, Chintpurni gained de facto permission to admit a batch of 150 thanks to the ‘conditional recognition’. Knowing the appalling condition of Chintapurni, only 101 students ventured to take admission in 2016-17. Now this batch has also petitioned to Court for its transfer.
    Conditional recognition was short-lived. During the verification inspection, MCI found deficiency of 87% faculties, 82% residents, 100% inpatients & 66% outpatients & has recommended debarring of Chintpurni Med College from admissions in MBBS for 2017-18 18-19.
    Punjab National Bank is taking steps to sell Chintpurni’s properties for default of Rs 100-crore loan for setting up the campus.