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Proposal of BDS to MBBS course in Pipeline, says MPMC VC

Proposal of BDS to MBBS course in Pipeline, says MPMC VC

Indore  : The proposal for a bridge course to enable dentists to practice as a MBBS doctor, is in pipeline and may soon come into effect. A confirmation to this effect was made by the Vice chancellor of Madhya Pradesh Medical University, Dr RS Sharma, who revealed that the government is also planning to give permission to dentists to practise modern medicine.

The doctor was also found coming out in support of government’s proposal to allow alternative medicine practitioners, to prescribe allopathic medicines following a stipulated period of training. This, he said, may be an important move in the light of acute shortage of doctors in the country especially the rural areas, reports Free Press Journal

Vice chancellor of Madhya Pradesh Medical University, Dr RS Sharma, praising the governments move and voicing support for it’s decision to replace Medical Council of India with National Medical Commission,  said “It is a good move to fulfill the requirement of doctors especially in rural areas and nothing is wrong if they deploy them after proper training.”

The Doctor Population Ratio as per WHO norms should be 1:1000, in India it is 1:1674. Thus, there is overall shortage of doctors in the country which is more pronounced in rural areas.

While the proposal to allow alternative medicine practitioners, permission to prescribe allopathic medicines following a stipulated period of training is also underway, the move is facing strong opposition by the IMA.

President of Indian Medical Association-Indore Dr Sanjay Londhe said that they will continue their protest against establishment of NMC and permitting alternative practitioners to practise modern medicine. “Dr Sharma may support the government’s move and it might be his personal views but we will continue our fight. How a person can work parallel to doctors after studying only for six months,” Dr Londhe said.

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  1. this is good plan for coming generation

  2. It is good idea to bridge the programme for BDS graduates to practice medicine as MBBS graduates how ever BDS students were half a waythrough in the first 3yrs of their course programme in parallel with MBBS students, only few subjects are gaping between two courses, if these subjects been designed & framed in bridge programme , no more longer days is required for dentists to become dento, gen.practitioners like a loaded double barrels ,
    Clinical subjects ( case study ) and few more hrs of theory classes , make them successfully practice as MBBS doctors, whom we can counteract the doctors scarecities in remote areas, those dentists who cannot afford to setup clinics and many unemployed dentists can modify their carrier with this upcoming bridge programne and even can menace quacks practicing allopathy ,its a healthier thought rather than allowing ayurvedic , homeopathic ,unani doctors to practice allopathic medicine which ,they have no where come across in their course programne & they hv least idea about allopathic medicinal composition , formulations , dosage of drugs to pts , they use only eye washing techniques not the modern techniques to patients and it is irresistable thinking to allow modern medicine practitioners to do allopathic practice after 6 months of work practice ;
    Bridge couse is a better idea to be implemented at the earliest to avoid this derogatory system medicinal practice made by non traditional pracitioners or no longer days we need to wait for nurses calling themselves as doctors ,

  3. user
    Shivam Khajuria March 4, 2017, 4:41 pm

    It\’s really a very Good movement and I would personally appreciate for it

  4. Lol RS Sharma clearly has become vc by continuously licking politicians asses. If he so favours bridge courses, he must give in writing that in future he and his family should only be treated by dentists and alternative medicine staff who had bridge courses. Sharma ji and family should not be treated by trained modern prationers, so as to provide an inspiring example for rural ppl., Now this bloody parasite on medical society will refuse the offer.

  5. If idiots like you would have chosen to go to rural areas and serve at least a handful of you bloody shameless morons then this situation would not have occurred.
    bridging courses are definitely a better option , but money minded chootlets like you will not like this because this will kill your own market.
    Khud behenchod kuch Karna nahi hai aur kisi ki. khushi bardasht bhi nahi karogey.
    It\’s always good that voices of idiots like you are suppressed for the betterment of this country.
    If one percent of these newly made doctors go to villages that is better ..
    Because tumhey toh apne paise pure karne hain jo degree pe lage hai.
    Salon jo oath letey ho yaad raha karo usey.

  6. user
    Siva Prabhakara Kallam December 7, 2016, 3:30 pm

    It is good to offer short term course for BDS graduates to become Practitioners in Medicine.