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Promise of Medical Seat: Policeman duped by fellow policeman of Rs 8 lakh

New Delhi: In an amazing con story a police constable was fooled by his own colleague, a head constable with the Delhi police. The constable promised the alleged victim’s son  a medical seat and fooled him of a sum of Rs. 8 lakhs.

The cheat Omveer Singh employed as a head constable, in the PCR department has been accused by the victim, Ravinder Kumar, of cheating. Omveer Singh had an accomplice, Swapnil who helped him in this conning game.

A resident of Badarpur, Mr. Singh filed a complaint after a long wait and efforts to retrieve the money from his colleague, when he failed to procure a medical seat for his son,Parag, who had completed his class 12 and wanted to become a doctor.

Mr. Kumar who shared his son’s dream shared his son’s plan with Mr. Singh, who in turn allegedly promised to help his son get a seat in an MBBS course. He claimed that he would make this possible, as he knew  a doctor who had connections in several medical colleges.

Ravinder Kumar revealed that a meeting was fixed and he arranged the asked for amount of Rs. 8 lakh. Police Constable Kumar claims to have borrowed Rs 2 lakh from his relatives and the remaining siRs 6 lakh wwere raised through his personal savings. The amount was handed over to Omveer and his accomplice Swapnil. He was then asked to go to Lucknow with his son, who was supposed to be given a medical seat in a medical college. However, on reaching Lucknow, the father and son did not find a seat waiting for them. The con men asked him not to loose hope and had the father and son travel to Jaipur, Gujarat, and even try Delhi. But success remained far from sight. Mr. Singh  had lost all hope by now and started demanding that the money be returned to him. However, the money was not returned.

Mr Kumar then  warned the former of taking up the matter with the higher-ups. But Omveer Singh allegedly threatened him of consequences.

Mr Kumar was not deterred by the threats and went ahead with the lodging of the FIR at the Badarpur police station, on April 6. A case has been registered and an investigation has been ordered, reports the Asian Age.

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