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PGIMER to define punishment for Plagiarism

PGIMER to define punishment for Plagiarism

Chandigarh: The Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research(PGIMER),  which has been facing issues of plagiarism and research misconduct, of late, has decided to combat the hazard by framing combat guidelines. Presently the institute  has no policy with provision of punishment  for the guilty.

The decision has been taken in the face of recent incidences, where the institute doctors have been found involved in “ unethical practices”, while conducting research.

Lately, four doctors have been charge sheeted for plagiarism & research misconduct and have been given time to furnish their replies on why they should not be booked for the above charges.

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These doctors are Dr Amitava Chakravarti, Head Pharmacology; Dr Pinaki Dutta, Associate Professor, Endocrinology; Dr Santosh Kumar, Associate Professor, Urology and Dr Rakesh Sehgal, Head Parasitology.

One of the accused Dr Pinaki Dutta recently apologized in response to a notice served to him. He is learnt to have accepted his fault.

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In November 2016, Dean, PGIMER, Dr Subhash Varma, who was also Officiating Director then, had formed a Committee to frame guidelines to govern research practices  and check plagiarism.

The Committee formulated that if 10 words are copied, consecutively, it will come under considered plagiarism.

“The guidelines only explained plagiarism and what preventive steps should to be taken. But it never discussed as to what action should be taken against those found guilty of research misconduct. Now, the administration is planning to have a policy which will clearly describe what action will be taken. The punishment can be departmental or academic,” a PGI administrative official told HT .

“One can be demoted, terminated from services, their increment can be stopped or they can be barred from participating in any research for 2-3 years,” he added.

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    Dr. Ramesh Vardhan March 28, 2017, 3:50 pm

    More than 90% of our Publication or research work is FAKE , Fabricated or Fraudulent. Funny but it\’s a Fact. It all starts from day the students join the Medical colleges, specially for the post graduate Master\’s program. Where it is compulsory to Complete the Thesis/ Dissertations to get an eligibility to appearing for the University exams . Majority of the students somehow manage complete the Thesis , with out following true principles of Dissertations From 2009,onwards the Medical council of India has made it Mandatory to publish in the valid Journals for the promotion. Unfortunately almost every one started publishing in the fake, funny Journals, just by tipping COUPLE thousands RUPEES the article will get printed within no time. Where as even Best Institution in world can\’t even think about it. With stolen/plagiarism or borrowed data the articles are published , with this rate I am sure the daily Newspapers will be replaced by FAKE MEDICAL publication . I REQUEST concerned authorities to catch hold of the people who are into. FAKE Publication and Demote their illgained promotions. Substandard FACULTY MEMBERS are more likely to bring out substandard MEDICAL Graduates. In turn such Doctors more likely to damage already suffering patients. The mainstay of MEDICAL profession is Honesty integrity and commitment above all ETHICS. The Faculty Members in best of institutions will not get promoted despite their knowledge skills and hard work and teaching undergraduate and even post graduate with better facilities and infrastructure.Whereas the mediocre ,having less experience of 8-10 years from some nook and corner of the country with only undergraduate teaching will get promoted based on their fake publications and start competing and vying for premier posts at times manipulating that too.All these things cannot happen without the blessings of the Minister, Secretaries ,Directors and the Health University.

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