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PG Emergency Medicine course facing MCI approval hurdles

PG Emergency Medicine course facing MCI approval hurdles

New Delhi: The Medical Council of India’s(MCI), insistence that faculty teaching post graduate courses in Emergency Medicine have two years training in the field, despite this specialty being a new introduction, indeed seems to be jeopardizing course introduction in colleges in the absence of trained faculty, and also making the task of  finding faculty with  requisite training qualification- difficult.

 TOI reports that with the MCI making the 2 year  training qualification mandatory for teaching faculty, there is increased insecurity among  students doing the course,  as institutional recognition is being withheld, since the faculty teaching the course does not have the requisite qualification. Colleges trying to introduce the course are also being denied permission.Ironically, with this specialty being new, there is no one who can be trained in the country, in an MCI  recognized course.

With an outpouring need for doctors trained in emergency management, the Council’s mandatory requirement is acting like a cog in the wheel, as it is  slowing down adequate numbers from getting trained in the  new specialty.

The post graduate medical education committee, which held a meeting in June 2016 declared the Council’s  two year mandatory training criterion for the emergency medicine course, ‘an unfeasible qualification’. This was said in the light of the fact that the course had been  non existent in the country, earlier. The education committee went as far as constituting a sub-committee to recommend changes in the mandatory qualification.

Despite admittance to the impossibility of getting medicos with the mandatory qualification, the MCI continues to refuse granting recognition to the specialty course on the same grounds.

PG committee’s March meeting minutes on the issue have yet not been released. The Council has maintained a discreet silence, on queries by the press.

Emergency Medicine as a specialty was gazetted by the MCI on July 21,2009.The same year a notification was issued regarding qualifications needed for faculty for EM – PG degree in general medicine or surgery, anaesthesia, respiratory medicine or orthopaedics with a two year training in Emergency Medicine.

The first colleges to get permission to start MD Emergency Medicine, NHL medical College (February 2010), and  BJ Medical College (Dec 29, 2009) both in Ahmedabad, did not have qualified  faculty notes TOI . This is on record in the minutes of the post graduate committee meetings.

In the absence of legitimate Emergency Medicine training being offered in India, before the course was recognized, as specialty in 2009 and faculty decision being taken the same year, it was out of question to find anyone with the mandatory two year training in EM to be appointed faculty.

Out of 51 seats under MCI jurisdiction, only six – five in Gujarat and one in Karnataka – have been recognized till date.

With MCI holding back  the expansion of EM courses by not granting recognition to them in medical colleges, students are turning to corporate healthcare facilities offering unrecognized PG courses in the subject; paying exorbitant fee in exchange, f observes the daily, TOI .

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  1. user
    Dr .Ramesh Vardhan April 12, 2017, 9:54 am

    It was clearly mentioned about the training to be taken by the Eligible Faculty member from the following Specialities Viz Gen Medicine, Gen Surgery, orthopedic, Anesthesia, pediatric and O B G . ie with minimum qualifications with Masters- M S and MD, . The faculty members starting from Assistant prof onwards. They have to pass monthly exams with minimum 70% marks and Final exam consists of both Theory and Practicals . It is not an easy exam to pass, the entire syllabus is of U S A. The text book of Tintinalli . There is nothing from any of our standard text books. Due to lack of teaching and training of this Subject ie Emergency Medicine both in UG and PG most of the Faculty members find it an uphill task. Unless and until the parent institutions support whole heartedly by giving study leave and Financial support it is not possible to clear such a Tough exam. None of the present university exams can come any where close to this. Accordingly no other specialty can match it. It requires enormous skills , total dedication and commitment and thorough Knowledge . That\’s why they Will be given 2dsys off followed by a Day duty. This is the only speciality which saves life in case of Dying Emergencies.
    We should be thankful to Dr.Sagar Galvankar for his total commitment to bring the best people from Harvard, CDC and other Prestigious Universities to teach and train us in Emergency Medicine.Unfortunately there are not many people of the rank of Professor and Associate Prof .ready to take up the speciality .Also the infrastructure is lacking in most of the institutes across the country.That is the main difficulty.None of the state governments also show interest.

  2. user
    Shyam Chand Parakh April 8, 2017, 2:42 pm

    MCI should also make it clear as to where the faculty should be trained and who will train them. If the speciality is new how will you get any person who is trained and can train the new faculty.

  3. user
    Dr. Talwar Singh April 8, 2017, 8:38 am

    MCI is a useless & corrupt body. People like Dr. Arthi Sharma should be kicked out. They don\’t even have the basic courtesy to speak politely when enquiring with the council regarding a concerned subject.