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A Complete Guide to OPTHALMOLOGY

Dr. Ray Dr. Utsav

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This is the best available book for Ophthalmology for any PG entrance exam because of following reasons.
1. This book has been written by the subject specialist teacher (Unlike most of other books which have been written by one person who is neither a teacher nor a specialist of that subject. It means a person has done MD in one subject and writing book of other subject for which he/she has no experience.!!!
2. Each question has been provided with an authentic answer and a reference from the latest edition of “Parson’s Diseases of Eye”

How you should read this book?
1. All Topics of Ophthalmology have been covered separately as text, with crisp, concise and to the point description. This book is complete in all the aspect for Ophthalmology. After that, each topic is followed by Review questions from AIIMS, NEET, PGI, DNB & Various States PG Exams of over last 10 years.
2. Remember it’s not just the questions that are repeated in exams but the “TOPICS” too, keeping that in mind other relevant content is also added to the explanations”.
3. There are no repetitions of questions, it means same question has not been discussed again and again and as answer are already in the text, so we have not repeated the same text in the explanatory answers also.
4. So first you read the text of the book, and then you attempt the questions. In this way you can finish your entire Ophthalmology in a short time & you will have plenty of time for revision.
5. Once you have done all the questions, than you mark which questions you have done wrong. In the next round of revising questions you should mainly focus on those questions which you did wrong on 1st time study.
6. Last Minute Revision Points (LMRP) 48 hours, before your Exam, you read LMRP, you will be able to revise whole subject in just 1 hour !!!
7. If you have any queries, you get back to us at:
8. We Specially Thank Dr. Monica for helping us in editing of this book.

Dr. Ray
Dr. Utsav
Dr. Monica
Faculty of DBMCI

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Opthalmology Complete
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