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Opposition piles against 50 pc Reservation for medical officers in PG courses

Opposition piles against 50 pc Reservation for medical officers in PG courses

Mumbai: Fifty percent reservation for government medical officers doing 3 year posting in rural areas in post graduate courses as laid down in the draft Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 2016, has raised certain apprehensions in the minds of students, doctors and parents. They are of the opinion that the limited number of post graduate seats with a 50% reservation in favour of government medical officers, would deprive the meritorious an opportunity to study in the country.

However, TOI has recently reported that according to an official source in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the fifty percent reservation  in post graduate courses for government medical officers will continue to be at the discretion of the state governments.

Clarifying it further, the ministry official said the draft amendment bill, 2016 merely enables the provisions, and is not mandatory. It is believed that the Maharashtra Government which already allows 25% reservation for medical officers, is likely to continue with the policy.

The draft bill unveiled by the Health Ministry on Thursday, has also introduced a mandatory Exit Test (NEXT)  for all medical students before they acquire their degree and the ‘Dr’ tag that accompanies it. NEXT is also to act as a  substitute for NEET, for PG admissions, the foreign graduate medical examination and the recruitment exam for central health services. While NEXT has elicited a mixed response from those affected by it, the reservation policy for medical officers faces stiff opposition, from quite a few, who are likely to feel its impact in the medical fraternity.

“We have limited seats in postgraduate courses. We can’t have a 50% reservation for medical officers. It will affect the chances of meritorious candidates and they will be forced to go abroad,” said Ruiee Kapoor, parent of an MBBS student. “The government needs to clarify the provisions of the bill,” said another parent.

Dr Pravin Shingare, Director, Directorate of Medical Education and Research, said the state government has been following a reservation of 25% for close to 30 years. “Right now we do not wish to increase it, unless there is a change in the state’s policy, which is unlikely,” he added.

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  1. why cant increase seats for the PG course in all medical colleges. what is stopping in that and not to allow capitation fees collection or higher fee collection by Medical Colleges. Govt should help the young doctor students to study and do their duty perfectly instead collecting large capitation fee and loosing their morals of medical services in india – it seems top to bottom section is corrupted in making the law changed from the Management of Colleges to Ministry or Health including MCI. finaly the blame placed on young doctors which they are innocent.

  2. user
    Dr. Deepak Kumar Sinha January 2, 2017, 7:56 pm

    Problem lies with the govt, instead of improving rural infrastructure ,govt. wants to penalise the young doctors. It would be a disaster if PG seats are reserved for non meritorious candidates. Reservations have already made a negative impact in all segments in this country. Additional reservation will further destroy it.

  3. If you are really serious of improving rural health services, let every graduate joine primary health centres for three years.
    This should be minimum eligibility for appearing for post graduation entrance test.
    Even they leave abroad they have to go through USMLE 1,2,3 or plab test or several tests worldwide and work in whatever post left over in difficult areas!
    I support Neet, NEXT.