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Odisha: Protests at SCB Medical College and Hospital

Odisha: Protests at SCB Medical College and Hospital

Odisha: Following allegations of ill-treatment and castiest remarks made by the principal of SCB Medical College and Hospital, the campus saw protest from the nursing students. The staged protest was against the alleged  remarks on a fellow student.

The ground facts reported on the case confirm that a nursing student has alleged that the principal of the college misbehaved and made a castiest comment on her.

In order to mark their strong disapproval of the discriminatory behavior, the fellow students decided to cease work. The decision was taken only after the students felt that their complaint was not being attended by the authorities of the college.

The girls-wearing their uniform held a protest march from the hostel to the Superintendent’s office.

A local newspaper covering the incident reported an agitated student saying that “If we get late to the class, then absent mark is put on the attendance register and stipend is also deducted. My friend (the complainant) rushed to register her attendance at 2 pm even though she had not finished her lunch. In a hurry, she had not tied her hair properly. He got furious, pulled her hair and slapped her twice. She got a scratch on her face too.”

The students had lodged a complaint with the Superintendent earlier too; however, they were only advised to hush the matter, as further alleged by the students.

Another students commenting on the issue implied that when they approached the Superintendent, they only got a reply that it is a petty issue. They were asked to keep the matter under the carpet. However, the students still ask that if a beating incident is not a big issue, then what is.

In their additional response to the matter, the students have now submitted a written note to the Superintendent, who in turn, has assured them of a probe.

The students reportedly are seeking a serious action against the principal, even expecting a transfer of the accused in the case. The heath service might just get adversely affected, if the situation is not brought under control immediately.

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