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No more Exit Bonds for MBBS: Maharastra to amend Medical Council Act

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Maharashtra The Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) is planning to make amendments to the Medical Council of Maharashtra Act, 1965 by introducing abolishment of exit bonds and bringing in of all private hospitals, clinics and health centres under the purview of the council. The aim behind the amendments is to increase the responsibility of medical students towards rural service tenures  as well as increase the accountability of the doctors and hospitals accountability.

The next assembly session is to witness the tabling of the Medical Council of Maharashtra Act, 1965 with the inclusion of the amendments.

The key takeway from the amendment would be to the one of compulsory rural service for MBBS doctors, whereby MBBS doctors would no longer have the option to pay a fine and exit the bond service.


Confirming the same Dr Shivkumar Utture, President, MMC informed Mid-day, “We’re already done with the first draft, where we’ve suggested abolishing the policy of exit bonds. The proposal has been mooted as every year, thousands of MBBS students in government colleges skip the mandatory bond service in rural areas, and pay a fine of Rs15 lakh. So, to make going to rural areas compulsory for them, we don’t want to give them the option of paying fines.”

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Maharashtra would be the first state in India to abolish the system of paying fines, if the amendments are implemented. However, the council would require the approval of the state Assembly for it.

 “We’ll be ready with the requested amendments in the coming months. Following which, we would present it in the state Assembly’s next session for approval. This would help bridge the gap between supply and demand of doctors in rural Maharashtra,” added Utture.

In recent times, facing a severe shortage of doctors particularly in rural areas, the government has been resorting to numerous efforts in order to ensure availability of physicians. Last year,  Taking cognizance of the evasion of compulsory bond service by many doctors after completing their graduate, postgraduate and super-speciality degrees from the government medical colleges of the state, the Maharashtra Directorate of Medical Education has through a notice informed such doctors that their registrations shall not be renewed with the State medical council.

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  1. Why only junior drs should serve in rural areas. How many office bearers of MMC & MCI has served the rural India. In fact they deserve services of senior doctors. Mmc should also talk about the facilities available at these places. This way we will spoil young drs future

  2. The policy should be national and should be Applicable to all the doctors whether passed out from govt. or private colleges.thr root cause of doctors or for that matter any professional not going to rural area must be analysed and correction of the cause must be done first.this policy will result into descrimination if applied to govt. colleges only. The students who are enrolling in the government colleges enter these institutes by sheer hard work . It looks like the policy is going to punish them for their hard work. Also one must understand that quite a lot of students who enroll are from disadvantaged section of the society and their families may be dependent on them to carry out their responsibilities.they also will be disadvantaged in Pershing their post graduate courses.

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