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NEET PG Preparation Platform, Marrow crosses a user base of 200,000 students

NEET PG Preparation Platform, Marrow crosses a user base of 200,000 students

Bengaluru: Marrow (, a NEET PG preparation platform by Neuroglia Health Pvt Limited today announced the achievement of its milestone user base of 200,000 medical students and doctors.

Marrow was started in early 2015 as a channel in DailyRounds, India’s leading academic network of doctors by Neuroglia Health. With DailyRounds, Neuroglia Health had taken up the task of improving clinical knowledge of practicing doctors by a revolutionary case-based problem-solving approach. With the success of DailyRounds, the team decided to extend their support to medical students and young doctors as well, which turned out to be a well-appreciated move.

What started as a small experiment within DailyRounds grew into an independent app-based platform embraced by over 2 lakh young doctors within a span of just 3 years. This growth was backed by India’s top medical faculty and some of the brightest young doctors including previous NEET PG toppers.


With a Question Bank consisting of 28,000 MCQs, 640+ hours of recorded video classes & over 140 tests including All-India Grand Tests, Marrow is now considered the gold standard for new pattern NEET PG. What makes Marrow stand out is that all content is peer-reviewed by doctors and India’s top medical faculty. Each MCQ in Marrow comes with the latest edition of standard textbooks as reference.

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“Since NEET PG is a computer-based exam, practising MCQs is critical. This helps improve your educated guess, thereby helping you tackle unsure questions better, especially when negative marking is involved”, Dr. Deepu Sebin MD, Founder & CEO – Neuroglia Health Pvt Limited told Medical Dialogues team. Dr. Deepu Sebin, who is also a medical teacher and mentor, motivates Marrow students from time to time.

“Marrow MCQs and video lessons are structured in such a way that you understand the important concepts in each topic before you learn facts. The focus is on high-yield topics and repeat MCQs. After every major exam like DNB, AIIMS, PGI etc, Marrow works with the top 20% of the first 100 rankers to update the QBank,” he added

“Marrow tests closely resemble the real exam. I got a very similar rank in Marrow NEET Mock”, said Dr. Bhushan Shrikhande, Rank 4 NEET PG 2018.

On December 7, 2017 Marrow test series set a record with the largest number of participants nation-wide. 63,544 students took the Marrow National NEET PG 2018 Mock Exam between December 1st and 7th, making it the largest NEET PG mock exam.

Preparing for NEET PG? Check out Marrow’s official Website,


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  1. This is height of misinformation & misleading students
    So , whY they are in dams/ dbmci/prepladder/medmiracle
    Even they cannot pay their faculties who are taking individual classes or taking classes in other coachings
    Marrow simply cheating people , content not bad , but , the claim of 80% common in exam is false
    Reporter be little more educated and do research before writing such wrong reports

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