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NEET PG aspirants Oppose One Year compulsory rural service

NEET PG aspirants Oppose One Year compulsory rural service

Mumbai: The NEET postgraduate aspirants for the year 2018-19 have stood up to the state government’s decision of making the one-year rural service mandatory for PG aspirants.  The argument given by them is that the announcement comes two months ahead of the upcoming NEET PG exam, for which candidates have already started preparations. If the ruling is implemented by the government for this year, the aspirants who sit for the Entrance Test would be disqualified on the basis of ineligibility.  An online application initiated by a parent of one of the NEET-PG aspirants has already received 1,600 consenting signatures.

It is mandatory for undergraduate and post-graduate students to undergo a 1-year compulsory rural service in a public health department hospital of the state. However, more often than not students are found to skip or postpone the compulsory in-service tenure.

The new rule is being implemented to ensure that students complete the rural service tenure.

However, apprehension has been expressed earlier, by the medical fraternity regarding injustice being done to students from public medical colleges, as their private counterparts will finish their degrees in five-and-a-half years.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported about the dilemma faced by 2017 PG aspirants. With less than 3 months left for the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET)-PG, a government resolution has been issued by the state’s medical education department making it compulsory for MBBS graduates from public medical colleges to submit bond free certificates in order to qualify for a post-graduation seat, indeed puts many at a tough spot.

The report spoke of the Government resolution passed regarding the same seeing all PG aspirants in a state of shock, as this last minute announcement would result in their months of study for NEET PG going a waste. MBBS pass outs are supposed to pursue their rural bond service for 1 year after their 5 ½ yr MBBS course.

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Though the new rule aims at keeping a check on students skipping rural service, the MBBS graduates of the 2017 batch look at it as a disadvantage, as they have decided to do their rural postings, after the completion of their post-graduation.

According to the  Government Resolution (GR) issued by the Department of Medical Education and Drugs on October 12, the new rule will be in force for admissions taking place for the 2018-19 academic session.

Indian Express reports that an ‘Online  Petition’ against the rule being implemented for the academic session 2018-19  has been started by Mr. Muzaffar Khan, a parent of a Yavatmal Government Medical College,  an aspirant for this year. The Department of Medical Education and Drugs has also received an online complaint, regarding the issue, from Mr. Khan.

Speaking on the issue to the Indian Express he stated : “We have asked the government to reconsider its decision. The announcement came very late and my son had already started preparing for NEET. He will lose a year if the rule is to be applied.”

The Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) is believed to have written to the department to make amendments to the GR and implement the new rule from the 2019-20 academic year.

“Since the bond service does not apply to graduates of private medical colleges, they will be able to apply for PG, “ Mr. Khan further added. He threatened legal recourse if his request to the department did not bear fruit.

Director, DMER  Pravin Shinghare,  said, “It is true that the GR, as it stands today, favors graduates from private institutes. We have already apprised the department of the matter.”

Mr. Sanjay Deshmukh, Medical Education, Secretary, meanwhile, clarified that though in principle the rules had been laid down, the timeline was yet to be finalized. “By next week, we will come up with a decision on whether to implement it for the academic year 2018-19 or 2019-20,” he told IE.

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  2. Objections :

    1. Right to give an All India Entrance Exam is fundamental constitutional right of every student .It is unlawful to deny him this right.

    2. This rule should have been enforced and be known to the students when he is taking admission for the first year itself. The students join classes for giving entrance exam from the second year as well as study for the ongoing course , due to which they are always under stress . They get less time to prepare for the Neet exam during their internship due to which it never gets cleared in first attempt .

    There should be some concession like completing the bond release by way of completing the rural posting post MD/MS or by payment & penalty modality provision as specified in the bond that they have signed & submitted in their respective government colleges should be allowed.

    3. By implementing this GR, government is encouraging students to take admission for UG medical admissions to private & deemed universities who have very high fee structure, poor learning infrastructure and very few patients to avail of satisfactory clinical knowledge and no bond. Is it to fulfil the vested interests of politicians who own these institutions?
    4. Implementing this GR also means that if all students are debarred to appear for NEET, only eligible students will be from other states and students from private & deemed universities who have no bond to pay because of very high fee structure & no compulsion to serve rural areas. Why special rules for them? Again vested political interests?

    5. This is a sure shot way to encourage brain drain of a highly qualified and intelligent strata of students whose contribution to health system in Maharashtra is badly required in today\’s situation of poor doctor patient ratio. Paucity of specialists in rural areas has completely collapsed the rural health infrastructure.

    6. Govt should understand why students do not complete the bond immediately after internship. The NEET exam is one of the toughest exams with deep study of 19 subjects from 1st MBBS to 3rd MBBS which requires intense focused study daily. Had MD/MS admissions been on basis of MBBS performance, students would have been more than happy to serve the bond to get firsthand experience and not worry about future admission to post graduation course.

    7. Another deterrent to avoid rural posting by students is the abysmal living conditions, poor infrastructure, lack of guidance from any specialist at such centres when handling emergencies & critical patients, lack of security and political high handedness at these health centres which makes them work in fear, insecurity and make them vulnerable to public rage and violence.

    8. The bond the students have signed in the first year itself does not mention the rule which is now being implemented . It will definitely make every non medico parent think 100 times before taking admission of their ward for MBBS and medico parent to opt for private medical college rather than government.
    Why is that always the Medical students are made to suffer with sudden change in rules and bonds compared to other courses . The irony is these students are sincere , hardworking but vunerable to constant changes enforced without the implementers considering their view and suffering . A person who has secured admission by giving Neet exam for UG and PG will realize the impact on students and whose parents are a part of it understand the situation and mental state a UG / PG student is undergoing.

    9. The amount spent on medical students is actually the taxpayers money paid by citizens which is treated as government money and the view of parents regarding this matter also goes unnoticed . Some parents also have to map out the MBBS students course completion his PG completion with their tenure of retirement and his future .

    10. The gap is going to create a void in their memory related to future study and may hamper their performance whle giving entrance exam . This will be understood only if the policy makers ward / dear one is undergoing this phase in this current situation.

    Sir, this is a torture and real injustice to students by enforcing the rule to students without giving them sufficient notice & time to prepare for their future as well not considering their point of view. Is this the way that the medical fraternity takes care of the mental health of studious hard working students driving them to frustration & mental depression? It has sent every parent rethinking whether it was a wrong decision to encourage their children to take up medical MBBS education in government institutions.

    I have penned my anxieties and request you to reconsider the repercussions of this enforcement on behalf of all the affected students.

  3. The very fact that i and my son are not against Rural posting or bond but this rule should have been enforced immediately before or during the start of new academic session not suddenly 2 months before when the exams are on head

  4. The very fact that i and my son are not against Rural posting or bond but this rule should have been enforced immediately before or during the start of new academic session not suddenly 2 months before when the exams are on head