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NEET limited to three attempts, Age limits put in place: UGC

NEET limited to three attempts, Age limits put in place: UGC

The University Grants Commission(UGC), has clipped National Eligibility Entrance Test’s(NEET), wings to bring about greater synchronization of functionality, by reducing the attempts for the examination to three and also introduce a new age criterion, for those who wish to sit for the medical and dental entrance test.

The university officials took this decision at a meeting on Tuesday, in Delhi reports TOI. According to the latest amendment, the minimum age to appear for NEET is 17 years. The maximum age for the open category is 25 years, and that of the reserved category stands at 30 years. Till now there has been no maximum age to appear for the test nor was there a bar earlier to the number of attempts a candidate could make for clearing the test.

“This is a good decision,” said Dr Pravin Shingare, Director, Maharashtra Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER).

“There are some students who keep taking the test, and when they don’t make the cut, join a BSc college and keep taking the medical entrance test,” he added.

Interestingly, the new changes will also act as a restraining factor for the faculty of coaching classes, who keep sitting for the examination to understand its altering pattern. The NEET brochures carrying this information would be in distribution soon.

“We often find that coaching classes field candidates and sometimes that leads to fraud and cheating,” said an expert.

Medical College Principals, welcoming the UGC step said that the cap on age and restricted attempts, is bound to force candidates to focus on the field where their capability and passion lie.

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  1. Many comments may not come. Not many people kmow the relationship between UGC and mefical colleges. Even one Vice Chalcellor of a medical univetsity asked me yhid questiom.

  2. Very happy on both the decisions. More important is that UGC has finally awakened to realise that it has a set of responsibilities towards medical education as well; and that
    1. medical efucatipn is higher education.
    2. Medical , dental, nusring, paramefical degrees and PG diplomas, BSc, MSc PhD, exams are conducted and drlegrees awarded by the universitiedls which are governed by UGC.
    3. UGC should conduct periodical inspections of these institutions to assess if UGC and Councils regulations are being folliwed. This is mandatory for contonuation.of affiliiation.

  3. user
    R.Arunmozhimaran Vijayababu January 26, 2017, 9:41 pm

    Rules are after all what the officials do with it. Let us see how it is implemented /circumvented

  4. It\’s a rotten idea, from a rotting body. The object of life is to learn, not to keep making rules & regulations debarring people from learning.