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NEET aspirant avenged; four teachers suspended for asking her to remove inners

NEET aspirant avenged; four teachers suspended for asking her to remove inners

Thiruvanathapuram: The  four women teachers who were involved in an incident that occurred  outside TISK Higher Secondary School in Payyanur where a 17 year old girl, a NEET aspirant was made to take off her inner in the open, before entering the Examination centre have been suspended. The girl has felt avenged for the humiliation and cost she paid to sit for the competitive medical exam.The suspension orders were issued on Tuesday amidst widespread protests

The Kannur girl was made to take off her bra as part of the stringent measures undertaken by the CBSE authorities to come down heavily on reports of cheating happening at National level examinations.

The state Human Rights Commission  had sought a report on the incident  from the district police Chief on the Sunday incident. A protest march was also organized outside the school premises and the incident was also taken up for discussion during the state’s Assembly session., where members unanimously condemned the action.

“Four teachers have been suspended and the school management has constituted a two-member panel to enquire the whole incident,” a school spokesperson told the HT.

The girl who choose to remain anonymous in her narration told the authorities that she  was asked to remove her inner as the metal detector beeped, while scanning the steel buckle of her inner. She said since there were just 10 minutes left for the exam to begin, as it was 9.20am, when the check took place, she removed her garment in the open, in the absence of a bathroom, nearby,  and after handing it to her mother  walked into the examination hall.

Calling it a humiliating experience, she said she felt nervous and had difficulty in performing well, once inside.

Students complained of the examination centres having turned into war zones, with long sleeves being cut with at hand scissors. Authorities on their part had positioned huge police teams to frisk candidates and had ordered a strict dress code to control cheating and irregularities at this all India Level exam.

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  1. user
    Dr Krishnamoorthy KM May 11, 2017, 2:34 pm

    NEET bulletin in Jan 2017 tells about dress code with clear instructions. Why was no objection raised? Is it CBSE fault if parents don\’t read it and come casually? Should we not learn to follow rules framed in advance? In USMLE exam, candidate is literally stripped. No complaints there as they want to go to US.
    Everyone has heard of Bihar and its exam malpractices. A uniform standard was set for the whole India, not only Kerala. Monitoring lakhs of students across the country is not a joke. There was no intimidation or harrassment. There were male staff for boys and female staff for girls.
    Imagine what would have happened to these hapless invigilators if a single instance of copying were reported in spite of all these frisking. All the instance of such copying have been with material hidden in the most private parts of the student’s body. In this era of technology, CBSE was playing safe

  2. Politics!!!
    If students fallow the board instructions given well in advance, these will not occur.
    They clearly told – no full hands, no metal objects, come one hour before time- then why you cry human rights women rights blah blah.
    To much democracy for big mouths

  3. user
    winston Noronha May 10, 2017, 8:46 am

    The day will come when students will do the exam in the Nude like Polic recruits I Bihar Last year who wrote wearing only underwear