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NBE schedule for issuance of pass certificates for FMGE June 2019 candidates

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New Delhi: Through a recent notice, the National Board of Examinations (NBE) has informed about the issuance of Pass Certificate to ‘Pass’ & Eligible candidates of FMGE June 2019 Screening Test.

For the June 2019 session, a total of 13,364 candidates appeared for taking up the FMGE exam. Of which, 2,767 have qualified, 9,006 candidates have failed. The results of 1,161 candidates have been withheld and 430 candidates were marked absent.

The entrance examination, FMGE is an examination mandatory for all Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) in order to be able to practice in India.


In order to get their concerned passing certificates, the candidates who qualified FMGE June 2019; will have to appear in person to the mandated location.

The notification informing about the same clearly states;

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The result of Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (Screening Test) conducted by NBE on 28th June 2019 has been declared and can be seen at NBE website. It is hereby informed to qualified candidates that the pass certificate to the eligible candidates shall be issued to them IN-PERSON only.

The pass certificate shall be issued at National Board of Examinations, PSP Area, Sector-09, Dwarka Office, New Delhi -110075 from 31st August to 7 th September, 2019

Click here for date wise schedule for issue of pass certificate.

Candidates are required to bring the following documents to receive the certificate of passing:

(i) Admit Card with photograph affixed in the space provided in the admit card.
(ii) Passport*
(iii) Original Primary Medical Qualification (MBBS) certificate.
(iv) Original Eligibility Certificate issued by MCI

*All candidates except those who have obtained their primary medical qualification from Nepal are required to bring their original passport along with them failing which pass certificate shall not be issued.

(v) In addition to (i) , (ii) , (iii) & (IV) above, any one of the following (Original, valid & non-expired):

Voter ID Card

PAN Card

Driving License

Aadhar Card original (with photograph)

The finger prints of all pass candidates shall be captured electronically again and candidates are requested to cooperate with this process.

The passing certificate shall not be issued without verification of the identity of the candidate.

The passing certificate shall not be issued to any authorized representative or any other person other than the candidate himself/herself.

For more details keep visiting the official website of the NATBOARD mentioned below:

For all details about FMGE 2019, check out the page of National Board of Examinations at Medical Dialogues.



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  1. NBE should also conduct board speciality, board superspeciality examinations for foreign educated postgraduates of India as has been proposed by BOG , MCI as soon as possible.

  2. 20% pass rate not bad , better now a days . Would be even better probably after a level playing EXIT exam would be conducted.

  3. NBE should consider the proposal of conducting DNB speciality / superspeciality examinations too for foreign postgraduates of India , as many very competent candidates till date are working in say European Union countries or in the Middle East after completion of their postgraduate degrees . They all are waiting for the implementation of the proposal of present BOG, MCI from their meeting in December 2018 to consider equating foreign postgraduates of India to DNB after accessing their knowledge at DNB speciality/ super-speciality examinations. Indian hospitals have a dire need of specialists especially at district hospitals where many posts are vacant . Having had allowed foreign postgraduates of India to be part of the mainstream , they can contribute by filing posts say at various district hospitals or at hospitals near their home towns .

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