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Mumbai: Private Medical Colleges shut door to PG medical admissions

Mumbai: Private Medical Colleges shut door to PG medical admissions

Mumbai: Despite the existing deadlock between private medical colleges and the state continuing over postgraduate seat ’s fee structure, the government, seems to be hunting for solution involving absorption of students who have not been admitted for PG courses by these private institutions.

With Wednesday being the last day for PG medical admissions, private colleges have yet to begin the process. A three-tier structure which has been stipulated by the Fee Regulating Authority, for this year allows a college to charge NRI quota (15%) students up to five times the fees of merit students, while management (35%) quota students are to pay three times the actual charges. However,  private colleges want to charge management quota (35%) students the same as the amount charged from  NRI quota aspirants, reported TOI.

Aspirants allocated seats at private colleges are seen camping outside institutes, only to be turned away by management who refuse to barter on fee issues related to NRI and management quotas.

The Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER), meanwhile has decided to get in touch with these students and share their experiences with the private college authorities. has decided to meet these students and take down the details of their experiences at private colleges.

“We will ask students to give in writing the details of the colleges they visited and the fact that they were not admitted,” DMER head Dr Praveen Shingaren told TOI. “Once we take these complaints, we will make these students eligible for the second round,” he added.

Presently 800 of the 900 available seats have already been allocated to students. Besides the 100-odd vacant seats in government colleges, another 200-300 seats will be surrendered by the all-India quota says the DMER. These seats will be up for offer in the fresh round.

Private colleges in the state have 400 seats, including 60 NRI seats.

However, it is not clear whether the solution thought of by authorities would allow students to pursue their choice of branch for their master’s degree. Except for Kashibai Navale Medical Institute, no other private medical college is open to postgraduate admissions. Security manning gates has been informing students that the fee issues with the authorities have yet to be resolved.

Kamal Kishore Kadam, President, Association of Management of Unaided Private Medical and Dental Colleges, said, “We are not going to start admissions tomorrow too. No admissions till the fee is resolved. We are not here to do charity. Our colleges cannot sustain on such low fees.”

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  1. Who told them to run medical college. People of india dont need these crooks at all. Govt must shut these colleges rightaway. Let these thiefs take up some other business including begging on street. No charity means these are the people who have made this noble prof all time low and bring absolute commercialization.

  2. we are not here to do charity let them close and shut up there funny medical college and get lost. Loot indian citizens is not possible in the name of medical education and some one have to adjust with the parents and students who are not learn to loot the community after medical education in these looting medical colleges. there is a justice and sympathy to the students and parents of indian citizen who are hardly working to earn there bread. what is NRI you said they also not looting to take fees to pay as per these managements decisions. the Govt. and the Courts also looked into justice who can pay the normal fees who opted to serve indian community and can not allow them to loot.