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Modi govt increased 12,000 medical seats: Nadda

Modi govt increased 12,000 medical seats: Nadda

New Delhi: Union Health Minister J P Nadda on Friday said that the Narendra Modi led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has increased 12,000 medical seats.

Talking to reporters here, Nadda said not only the medical seats but also undergraduate and postgraduate seats have been increased in the last four years.

“When this government came to power in 2014, there was 52,000 undergraduate (UG) and 30,000 postgraduate (PG) medical seats. Today, we have not only increased 12,000 medical seats but also the total number of UG seats have risen to 85,525 and PG seats to 46,000,” Nadda said.

It is to be noted that the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) chaired by Prime Minister Modi, on Wednesday, gave its approval for setting up 24 new medical colleges in underserved areas.

The Cabinet has also given approval for setting up 112 Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM) Schools and 136 General Nursing Midwifery (GNM) Schools by 2019-20 in underserved districts.

Source: ANI
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  1. user
    Dr Postgraduate NRI eager to come back to India. February 11, 2018, 9:26 pm

    We can increase number of doctors by producing them indegeneously and also by allowing import of doctors , but first by checking the quality of doctors say via licentiate examination. For undergraduate foreign medical graduates , we have a system in place .But there is no system in place to examine or give registration to well qualified foreign postgraduates.Many of them are ready to face the toughest examinations in India and prove their capability.Age old MCI regulations do not recognize foreign postgraduate qualifications except from 5 countries. We have very talented doctors working at academic institutes the world over , they had done specialisations in foreign countries and thereafter gained expertise in world class institutes say from European Union.But unfortunately cannot return to India and serve our motherland because of the same restrictive \”licence-Raj\” rules which prohibit foreign postgtaduates to work as specialists in our country, which our country badly needs.These specialists have gone rigorous specialist training , have passed MCQ based board exams, practical exams .Mnay of them have passed additional prestigious exams, have publications in peer review journals, presented posters at conferences, have delievered presentations.But it\’s a pity that these highly talented doctors are kept away from mainstream Indian fraternity or are sometimes forced to work as MBBS legally ( or many practice speciality practice illegally!).Our laws force us to do illegal specialist practice, better allow these specialists to attain registration of \”additional medical qualifications\” and ease lives of doctors and patients.If need be check the quality by putting an exam or put the doctor\’s qualification to assessment board like in GMC(of UK) who would decide wheteher the qualifications attained are at par with Indian standards or not.If they are at par, give registration.Many highly talented foreign educated postgraduates are just waiting for favourable regulatons , they will happily come to India.This can to some extent solve the problem of lack of postgraduates/ specialists/ superspecialists at district level hospitals or government institutions.22% of specialists posts at various government departments are vacant!!!! a horrible number, a horrible situation for poor and middle class who cannot pay. Long waiting que , suboptimal care is a norm in India for poor and for middle class.Increasing number of specialists will give more access to specialist treatment , better health of India.

  2. it is good that govt is increasing medical seats.But what is more important is preventive care.Govt needs to find out why diseases are in rise.Pollution is main culprit.Govt spending needs to increase in this regard..Govt needs to increase spending on afforestation.Safe drinking water still remains a major challenge.Malnutrition,drug abuse,sedentary life style of people,adulterated foods,,junk foods,excessive dependence on medication,lack of hygiene & sanitation are concern areas.Govt needs to make the environment healthy so that occurence of diseases can be minimised to a substantial level.Mosquito menace has been a problem in most of the towns,Dengue is rampant.Govt has to take preventive measures.All the govt endeavour requires fund.Govt scan take step to make all medical courses self finance with adequate provision of bank loans.The health insurance policy of five lakhs may be revised to three lakhs.Prevention is always better than cure.When people are not getting pure oxygen,pure water & pure food,What is the use of any other things?Govt needs to make the environment conducive for human living,automatically need for hospitals & doctors will be minimised.