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Medicos, Faculty at Nizam Institute Of Medical Sciences oppose Dean appointment, on Strike

Medicos, Faculty at Nizam Institute Of Medical Sciences oppose Dean appointment, on Strike

Hyderabad: Medical services at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) have come to a halt after 350 resident doctors stopped work to protest the recent appointment of  Dr R. V. Kumar (Professor, CT Surgery) as the Dean of the medical college. The local resident doctors association (RDA) has demanded the removal of Prof. Kumar as dean.

The opposition to the dean’s appointment comes in light of various corruption charges against him, including allegations of taking a bribe from a medico to pass the student in the final exam.

“It was proved by the ACB that Dr R. V. Kumar had taken money from a resident to pass him in his practical examination. As a result, he was removed as Head of Cardiothoracic department and was not even appointed as an examiner. How can he be eligible for the post of Dean?” the resident doctors questioned to Telangana Today

They further alleged that Dr Param Jyothi, who received best teacher award from the State government, was removed abruptly and in his place, a junior doctor with a questionable track record was appointed.

Similar oppositions have been placed by the faculty association of the medical college.

“We question the appointment as it was done by setting aside established procedure. Also, the person who has been appointed is facing corruption charges,” Ashima Sharma, president, Faculty Association and head of emergency medicine told The Hindu. She also added that the institute’s Governing Council appoints the dean but in the case of R.V. Kumar, the appointment was made directly by the government.

Meanwhile, narrating his side of the story to the TOI, Professor. Kumar stated he has faced six enquires over the same allegations till now and that he was given clean chit on all the occasions.

“I have faced six enquiries—two departmental, one each from police, ACB, MCI and vigilance and was given clean chits in all. These are orchestrated protests against me which are done with malicious intentions. I don’t have any relatives in the government who would take the risk to appoint me as a dean if I am not eligible for the post. And I don’t think the government would have taken a chance, especially before elections, to appoint me if I am not eligible,” he informed the daily

The medical college doctors have also submitted a memorandum to the State Health Minister, Dr. C. Laxma Reddy urging the State government to revoke the decision on the appointment of Dean and appoint a person with a cleaner image to head the prestigious institute.

Following the strike, new admissions and OPDs at the medical college were refused and care was reserved only for existing patients availing treatment. Faculty members are also reported to have joined the protest.

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    Venkataramana Kandi September 12, 2018, 9:54 am

    Pity with the system that this country follows. Your appointments are not based on your ability and caliber.