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MEDICINE ESSENCE (Medicine Question Bank)

Dr. Mukesh Bhatia (Director- DBMCI)

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Dear student,
I am glad to present you with Next Edition of Medicine Essence (M.Q.B.). All the chapters of this Book are based on 19th edition of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine and other standard textbooks of medicine. The vast subject of Medicine is given in a very simple and concise manner which is easy to understand and retain. A crisp approach has been adopted to write this book i.e. Book contains the content what you really need to read for your exam. No unnecessary content is there (Crisp approach). This book is sufficient to solve most of the MCQs of DNB-CET, NEET, AIIMS, PGI & State PG Exams. Another important feature of this book is that all Questions of the relevant topic have been incorporated in the same chapter with references. These notes are up to date and contain recent advances in the Medicine and contain information not given even in 19th edition of Harrison also!!!. There are some mistakes in Harrison also (See page no. 418, 535, 568)
I have taken special care to remove all the mistakes, but still if you come across any error please feel free to mail us. You would be acknowledged your contributions. Any Suggestion and comments are also welcome at I hope all our bright students would be benefited.
With Best Wishes.
I thank following of my colleagues for doing an excellent proof reading:
1. Dr. Saif Thameem (Medicine Faculty, DBMCI).
2. Dr. Rajat Bajaj (Medicine Faculty, DBMCI).

How you should read this book?
Read Last Minute Revision Points (LMRP) 48 hours, before your Exam, you will be able to revise whole subject in just 1 hour !!!

Dr. Mukesh Bhatia
1st Jan. 2017


First of all I thank Lord Krishna for teaching me the concept of Gyan Yoga (importance of always Learning) & Karam Yoga (to do one’s duty with utmost sincerity – Work is Worship!!!).
I am thankful to Lord Ganpati whose eternal blessings, divine presence and masterly guidance helps all of us to fulfill our Goals.
I am thankful to my Mother & (Late) Father for their constant undemanding love, dedication, sacrifice, inspiring guidance, affectionate encouragement and never-ending enthusiasm; without which this book would not have seen the light of the day.

I thank Dr. Saif Thameem (Our Medicine faculty), Dr. Vishnu (Senior Resident Department of medicine, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi) Dr. Vikas Malhotra (Prof. ENT, MAMC, New Delhi, I am also very proud to write that Dr. Vikas was my first student!!!) for their valuable and critical suggestions, constant inspiration and encouragement, instinctive corrective measures, tireless efforts, unstinted cooperation and sentimental support throughout, which have made this marathon task a smooth journey.

I thank my following colleagues for diligent and ingenious editing effort and proof reading.
• Dr. Karamveer Sabharwal, (M.S Surgery), M.P Shah Medical College, Jaam Nagar, Gujarat
• Dr. Pawan Kharwar, RIMS Saifai, Etawa U.P.
• Dr. Rajat Bajaj, (MD Medicine) MAMC New Delhi
• Dr. Imran (M.S Surgery) R.G Kar Medical college, Kolkata
• Dr. Karan (M.S ENT) PGI Chandigarh
• Dr. Vinit (MD, Medicine) Safdarjung Hospital, Ne Delhi
• Dr. Sandeep (M.S Surgery), GMC, Miraj
• Dr. Bhuvanjee Jha (TNMC, Mumbai)
• Dr. Rajeev Verma (TNMC Mumbai)
• Dr. Deepika, AMU
• Dr. Anubha Mittal, Rohtak Medical College

I thank to Mr. Sanjay Singh for giving useful inputs to make this book look much better.

I am thankful to my wife Mrs. Anu, My son Nachiketa and daughter Urvashi for giving me constant moral support and inspiration for writing this book

I am also thankful to my office staff Madam Sonia & Mr. Shiv for their co-operation throughout the process.
I am thankful to Mr. Birbal Dixit (Dixit Printer) for printing this book.
Lastly I would like to thank all my Faculty members & students.

Dr. Mukesh Bhatia
1st March 2011, New Delhi

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