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MBBS Curriculum may undergo change, to include AYUSH elements

MBBS Curriculum may undergo change, to include AYUSH elements

New Delhi: Promoting the integration of modern as well as Indian Systems of Medicine, the central government is reported to be pondering over the idea of bringing changes to the Undergraduate medical curriculum, so as to incorporate teachings of the latter.

Medical curricula will take new shape once government’s considered plan to incorporate modern medicine with traditional  medicine  to promote integrative medicine and research  comes into play.

Various departments under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, are pondering over the plan, including the Apex Education Regulator, the MCI, reports Hindustan Times. The above idea was a thought mooted by a group of secretaries in the ministry, to  Prime Minister Modi, at a recently held ministry meeting. However, it is also reported that the thought is currently at the ideation stage and yet to take concrete shape.

 “Change of syllabus is a long-drawn process. There is a thought at the moment,” said a senior health ministry official, preferring an anonymous status.

Elaborating on the said plan, Health Minister,JP Nadda said, “We are in talks with the MCI to see how medical curricula will be cross-cutting, with certain elements of allopathy flown in to Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) courses and of certain AYUSH elements into allopathy courses.”

Similar integration has been taken up by the government in its recent efforts to convert primary health centres into Model PHCs. Calling it part of a larger attempt to promote holistic wellbeing and make experts from, both the systems of medicine, open to the idea of working in tandem, Mr.  Nadda had recently stated, “Around one lakh sub centres in the country will be transformed into wellness centers, and 2500 have already been selected for a pilot.”

Another example of integration is the centre at AIIMS. Speaking about the same, AYUSH Minister stated, ‘The Centre for Integrative Medicine and Research’ a state-of-the-art research centre,  initiated by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences,  last year , will have  experts from various disciplines of contemporary medicine collaborate with Yoga and Ayurveda specialists, both for disease treatment, and for preventive healthcare.”

“Both the systems can supplement each other well. It is not only about curing a problem but also help deal with the symptoms,” added AYUSH Minister, Shripad Yesso Naik to the HT.

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  1. A group of secrateries decide the so called ayush elements in m b b s course ,what a joke . These jokers think they know every thing under the sun . At no time m c I should allow this to happen . There is no any kind of scientific basis for this ayush , it is bunkam and they are bluffing public . The syllabus in m b b s must be left to the expert in modren system of medicine no to ayurvedhacharyas , babas, gurijis ,hakims homeopaths . Let them do their practice with out copying from modren medicine . It will be most retrograde step and determinatal to science and technology.

  2. it will be the most deadly and useless decisiin …

  3. include some road work also, if young dr can work in road also as the Govt see they are super naturals.

    give them Medical education and contine their PG with no fees for their value – dont give chance to pvt medical college to loot this doctors by the ways of increase fees and educational materials. MBBS make with PG and give 8 or 9 years instead of the present system – after 4 or 5 years give them the chance to choose the PG they like to continue and make it one go instead Medical college charge 2 time capitation fees etc.

  4. Before trying to do any thing like that the honorable ministers should understand the scientific basis of the so called Ayush system . One noble prize winner of indian origin has said homeopathy has no any kind of basis ,so many studies say all these systems don\’t have any kind of proof. This is the agenda of one group of pple particularly gurus ,swamijis ,babas . M C I should not agree for this , tomorrow they wil ask the AYUSH fellows BE admitted to p g courses in modren medicine . This govt is retrograde and against scienctific development . M C I wake up and fight for future of medical care . Don\’t be scapegoats. Ayush fellows are ruling the medical field by back door . Show thses fellows the real place where they belong.