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Medical College students object to CCTV installations in classrooms

Medical College students object to CCTV installations in classrooms

Dhanbad: CCTV installations at the Medical Council of India’s (MCI), directive have created  an uproar of sorts at Patliputra Medical College Hospital(PMCH).  With students calling it a violation of privacy. The college administration has however, expressed helplessness in the face of the installation having being done at the behest of the MCI directive.

Explaining their reservations about CCTV cameras in the classrooms, the students said they learnt about various organs, including private parts and their functions, in anatomy and physiology classes.

“If CCTV cameras are installed in classrooms, we won’t feel comfortable clearing our doubts with teachers on any subject,” said one on conditions of anonymity.

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“Such an action would be unethical. In anatomy classes, we are given male and female bodies to study organs and their functions. There is complete privacy, and discussions are conducted freely because there is nobody but students and a teacher present. Footage from CCTV cameras will be accessible to people outside the laboratories, and they will be in a position to play mischief,” the student added.

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However, PMCH Principal, Dr Arun Kumar expressing helplessness said “The council clearly stated that cameras should be installed in classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, demonstration rooms, practical rooms and several other locations across the campus.”

“We have to keep the council informed about classroom interactions, besides daily engagements between students and faculty members,” Kumar added. They had no option but to follow directions, he clarified

Mr. Kumar  further stated that the directive specifies that all activities in the campus be captured through CCTV cameras, and later screened live in the principal’s chamber. This he said was to be done to keep the MCI updated  on institutional  academic activities.

Students, however, insisted that the management make efforts to have surveillance equipment removed from their anatomy and physiology classes.

The other two state-run medical colleges in Jharkhand – the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College Hospital (MGMCH) at Jamshedpur and the Rajendra Institute of Medical Science (RIMS) at Ranchi – are yet to install CCTV cameras.

An MCI spokesperson revealed that the  camera installation decision  was taken in February, at a meeting of state members. “They all strongly recommended the installation of cameras in classrooms. Around 100 medical colleges will be covered in the first phase,” he added reports the HT.


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  1. user
    Dr.Mohamed Hanifah April 3, 2017, 8:31 pm

    We have absolutely no rival in the whole world for doing stupid things.It\’s high time somebody throws the whole lot of MCI into the Indian ocean.


  3. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan April 3, 2017, 10:23 am

    The CCTV installation is the class rooms, not in the Bathrooms or Bedrooms of the Medical students. When MEDIA cameras placed in parliament , none of Parliamentarians being lawmakers have objected . Why the students are objecting ?. In fact biometrics for students should be made compulsory at the earliest to prevent from getting Fake attendance, which is rampant in some of the Medical colleges across the country. Such rogue students try out every thing to eligibility to appear for the University exams despite shortage attendance. I even INSIST to record the Teaching programs like it is done U G C . This way we can bring seriousness in the Faculty Members, and can avoid mediocre Teachers, who wind up the class by giving attendance, assessment marks like freebies to be nice with the students . Some of bad elements encourage such cheap things. Having MEDICAL degrees with out knowledge and skills is nothing but a MOCKERY.such DOCTORS are more dangerous to the Society. In fact MEDICAL COLLEGES should be more displined than the Defense training. Other wise we will be producing Heep of shit in already contaminated country. It sounds good DURING elections, GANGA meri Maa, Brahmaputra mara Bab, Krishna mara Bhai and Kaveri meri Behan. Swatch Bharat, corruption free India etc. DESPITE Teaching Faculty Members getting handsome salary , equal or even more than RBI Governer, still they involve in the private practice which is nothing but a Greed . Because of this we are not getting quality teachers(, committed parents/ spouse. ) These are my personal views , Left to the discretion of the individual to take it or leave it.

  4. The objection of students us sheer nonsense. This may have been done by instigation of the management. Please tell me how a dissection/anatomy class in a medical college is going to be different with and without cameras. In fact teachers can record classes today for didactic purposes and here we see nonsense objections. This is to see that ghost faculty are eliminated

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