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MD, MS, MDS dropouts to face severe action, penalty in Jammu and Kashmir

MD, MS, MDS dropouts to face severe action, penalty in Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar: Authorities in various post graduate medical and dental colleges in J& K have decided to take severe action against students who fall out of post graduate courses. They are planning to bar the dropout for three years and impose a fine as well. This decision has been taken in view of the financial losses incurred by the college, when a student drops out.  This also comes in light of a Supreme Court ruling that does not allow a college to fill a vacant seat in case of a drop out, after the due date of admission.

Senior Officials of the Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE) and State Medical Colleges held a meeting recently, to plan a course of action, to prevent loss of seats to the state, in case a student leaves midway without completing it or does not join it, after opting for it, at the time of admission.

The meeting was attended by Principals of State Medical Colleges, including GMCs of Srinagar and Jammu, as well as, Dental Colleges. MD/MS/MDS admissions were discussed at this meeting and a serious view taken of the drop out problem after selection.


While BOPEE, Chairman, Muhammad Ashraf Bukhari said, “Loss of PG seats because of indecisiveness of candidates was a concern”, GMC Srinagar’s, Dr Kaiser Ahmed said the Supreme Court ruling “Debars us from filling up a vacant seat after the last date of admission.” “It (ruling) makes it impossible for us to admit a candidate-in-waiting list against a vacant seat. Not just does the institution suffers loss of manpower for three years because a candidate is not able to make up his or her mind, but it is also a huge loss to state exchequer,” he said. “In a private college, a PG seat would cost around a crore.”

13 PG candidates, dropped out of their courses at  Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar last year, resulted in 15 percent PG seats “getting wasted”. According to official sources, a similar trend has been noticed in other medical colleges, as well.The members at this meeting finally came to the conclusion that dropouts were to be barred for three years from taking on any other PG course in any other college, and a fine running into a few lakhs be imposed on them in order to deter them from behaving in this manner.

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Mr. Bhukari said that all medical institutions were together on this decision, which will now be forwarded to the government. “We are expecting a policy decision soon on this grave matter and we are ready to implement those decisions,” he said.

Mr. Bukhari pointed out at an SRO already in place barring students from future admissions in PG courses since 2005. However there were issues in its implementation he added.

 “We have requested the medical and dental colleges to furnish the details of all the candidates who have dropped out. We will take action based on the information that is furnished to us,” he said.

Reportedly, BOPEE has already initiated action against some candidates who have dropped out of courses last year. “Last year, because some candidates could not make up their mind well we suffered a colossal loss because of their dropping out,” said the GMC Principal. He said that various recommendations to curb the practice of dropping out had been made and include “fine of Rs 10 lakh and barring students for three years from appearing in competitive exam of medical PG”.

BOPEE Administrators and medical college authorities said that efforts were being made to help the candidate make informed choices for courses. “We have put up the seat matrix on the website. Plus the candidate gets days altogether to make a choice and change it, before the last date, or locking the form,” Chairman BOPEE said. Principal GMC, Srinagar, spoke of the need for students to be more focused about their preferences

Meanwhile, aspirants have been voicing concern about the “New process” of PG admissions of state medical and dental colleges that recently came under the ambit of all-India NEET for medical/dental PG courses. “The whole process is entirely new and alien to us. Instead of showing compassionate attitude towards us, the authorities are making new rules to confuse the candidates further,” alleged medico aspirants to Greater Kashmir.


Source: with inputs

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  1. THERE ARE many reasons to drop out for medical student .Do not forget ragging and severe harassment from seniors is one strong reason. There should breread investigation by unbiased team for this incident.

  2. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 15, 2017, 5:25 pm

    Mr Matthew let me try to help you , provide the complete details of your cousin , so that I can get Into it.

  3. Dr. Ramesh Vardhan, You can contact me or give me your email address.
    Pls inform me how you can help me, if i write all the details to you. I am personally experienced and nothing can be done to save the student if the professor or HOD wish to tarnish the student image. I personally took the answer paper to the professor and HOD of the college to check the answer paper and what reply i got is funny. They cannot check or look some one else who placed the mark and sorry to assess as an HOD for the verification of marks.

  4. user
    Hemant Painter March 15, 2017, 4:58 pm

    Thats absurd to punish a student.
    Maybe that attitude itself is a sign of something wrong with colleges. No where else do people give up Medical seats. Its a life maker.

  5. user
    Dr Mohan Ranawade March 15, 2017, 8:53 am

    Medical dropouts are a rarity in other states, one has to study the reason for such high incidence in J and K.
    Maybe it\’s the flawed education system, the prevailing tense situation, the backwardness, both mental and infrastructural, amongst the people of Kashmir, that may be responsible for such a high drop out rate.

  6. user
    Dr Ramesh VARDHAN March 14, 2017, 6:42 pm

    When paper correction is online that too one Answer booklet is corrected 3 different evaluaevaters . It is nothing but lie a big lie . I don\’t think He has any cousin, son or daughter studying medicine. Cooked up story……

  7. Hello Dr. Ramesh Vardhan, Tks your remark and say it is a big lie. I appreciate your aim to protect all fraternity of teachers. But personally I am experienced, and he is not paid that 2.5 lack bribe and he lost his one year. The student was very upset and gone to depression and regaining his condition back was a lot to do. On seeing his condition, I been to the university to verify his marks and no one attended to my plea for re-checking it. instead they said they have many complaints and they cannot go thro it and no proper answer given. I thought of meeting the VC and waited for 4 hours in his chambers, but not got the permission and his secretary told to come next day after waiting 4 hours. since I am travelling 6 hours bus to reach the place, i left the programme to meet the VC. it is sad to say that incident for one mark loosing one year is some thing to be very bad. You need the proof please contact me. Now he is passed MBBS as try for PG. The professors/HOD can make the life of the student happy and miserable in this profession – i say without doubt and lie.

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