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MCI inspection points to Data fudging for seat increase by Telangana, Andhra medical colleges

MCI inspection points to Data fudging for seat increase by Telangana, Andhra medical colleges

Hyderabad: False and fudged data on surgeries, false faculty qualifications, and research publications, promotion irregularities presented by medical colleges in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in order to have the Council consent to Post Graduate seat increases has been discovered by the apex education regulator.

Some of the prominent colleges that have been caught playing the fudging game are  GSL Medical College, Rajahmundry, (AP); Gandhi Medical College and  NRI Medical College and Hospital, Guntur;

According to Council’s post-graduation Education Committee, minor surgeries have been shown as major operations by teaching hospitals in their records.The other discrepancies are Assistant professors being shown as professors when they don’t have a single research paper to their credit.


GSL Medical College, Rajahmundry anomalies

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  • Assistant professors promoted as professors, with no research papers to their names
  • More operation is shown than patients admitted
  • No proper equipment and deficiency of staff
  • Promotion of faculty done against rules; one such case being Dr K Raja Gopala Rao who as associate professor had 3 Yrs of experience as against the required 4 and no research publication to his credit either
  • Promotion of Dr. Sarat Kumar not being as per regulation; PG degree of Dr Sipra Konal Jena not recognized by the MCI
  • Two absentee professor on the day of inspection could not prove their being away on government assignment

The MCI also pointed out that the average delivery rate was less than I per month at the college and there was no medical officer available at the Urban and Rural Health training Centre.

For an MD Dermatology and Venereology at GSL, the Council was of the opinion that workload of several surgical procedures like nail surgeries, laser for scar revision, skin grafting and pigment reduction was extremely low.

Similarly, an increase in MS Obstetrics and Gynaecology seats was not possible as the total number of patients admitted in 2016  were 7,358 as against the total number of operations and deliveries showed as 9,254. Calling the data as not genuine, the MCI declined to increase the number of seats in some cases and recognition in some others due to deficiencies and irregularities witnessed at GSL.

According to the MCI, “there were zero minor obstetric operations on the day of assessment.

“Occupancy in Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit was one. Attendance at speciality Clinics like the Gynae endocrine clinic is low- just two or three cases per week. Equipment like the gynae, endocrine clinic is low-just two or three cases per week. Equipment like loop electrosurgical excision procedure is not functional,” observed the Council , reports Deccan Chronicle

Regarding increase of seats in MS General Surgery at the college the following discrepancies were pointed out by the council:

  • Dr Samir R Patnaik had only one original research publication as against the four required; Dr KL Narsimha had no original research publication on the day of his promotion

Similar deficiencies were pointed out by the council for two medical colleges in the area

NRI Medical College Guntur- Increase of seats in MS (Orthopaedics)

  • Promotion of Dr M. Rami Reddy, an associate professor is not as per regulations. He was an assistant professor for four years against the requirement of five.
  • Dr Y. Ravi Teja appointed as senior resident holds an MBBS degree, and not eligible to hold the post.

Gandhi Medical College –Starting MD (emergency medicine) course

  • Dr N.L. Eshwar Prasad, shown as Prof. & head of the department of emergency medicine is appointed as professor of surgery and shown to be working in emergency medicine but there is no order to that effect. In the faculty table, he is shown as professor of surgery. There is no evidence of special training in emergency medicine.
  • Dr P.V. Pravin Kumar, shown as associate professor of emergency medicine, is appointed as associate professor of anesthesiology. There is no evidence of special training in emergency medicine.
  • Dr Geetha Navuduri, shown as assistant professor of emergency medicine is appointed as an assistant professor, medicine.
  • Dr P. Sridhar, the senior resident, does not have 3 years experience in this department before the appointment, nor qualified to hold the post.

Gandhi Medical College which had asked for an Emergency Medicine Unit was found to have many discrepancies as well.



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  1. It is happening at many medical colleges, in the past so many colleges were given permission for post graduation seats and the managements looted cores and what type of doctors are produced in these colleges,and I wish the public also should realize and avoid treatments from these doctors from these ill equipped colleges The Principals and Medical superintends must be taken to task for showing wrong people for MCI inspections

  2. Most of private colleges resort to such methods.They stage a film set and scene on the day of inspection with fudged surgeries and procedures.God save MCI for having given permissions to many such colleges in the past

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