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MCI denial to two medical colleges for MBBS admissions in Telangana

MCI denial to two medical colleges for MBBS admissions in Telangana

Hyderabad: Fudged clinical data submitted by  Maheswara Medical College, and faculty and equipment shortages, along with, scarce patient admissions discovered during the Council inspection at Mahavir Institute of Medical Sciences, Vikarabad have resulted in the two medical institutions not being recommended for granting of admissions to the centre by the MCI. The application of St Augustine Educational Society for setting up a new medical college at Patancehru has also been declined by the apex education regulator on the basis of deficiencies cited.

In August 2017, the records of Maheswara Medical College and Hospital reflected treatment given to 19,198 persons, as out-patients at the rate of 768 per day; and 999 as in-patients at the rate of 40 patients per day. The registers further revealed 1,074 surgeries done, at the rate of 36 per day. The record further claimed 145 ICU patients in a month at the rate of five per day.

However, the MCI Executive Committee report, released on  November 22, 2017, stated that these numbers were inflated. “As per the assessment report in September 2017, apart from inflation of clinical material, several deficiencies are found. CT Scan is not available. There is only one patient in ICU on the day of assessment. There was only one patient in ICCU on the day of assessment. Cold chain equipment is not available. Among specialists, only a paediatrician was present.”

MCI observations regarding   Mahavir Medical college noted, “As per November assessment report, 7% of deficiency of faculty, 6.1% shortage of residents, out-patient attendance at 2 pm on the day of assessment is 686 against the requirement of 750. CT Scan is not available. Paediatric ICU & NICU have three beds each against the requirement of 5 beds each. Only one patient was in PICU on the day of assessment.”

The Council also recommended disapproval of application of TRR Institute of Medical Sciences by St Augustine Educational Society at Hyderabad, a second time. “Both college & hospital are non-functional. Dean & medical superintendent are yet to be appointed. Deficiency of faculty is 100% as detailed in the report. Shortage of Residents is 100%. No nursing, paramedical & non-teaching staff were shown, ” the Council assessment added.

“No clinical material is available as it is a non-functional hospital. There are no patients at the time of the visit. The central clinical lab is nonfunctional,” it further stated, reports the TOI.

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  1. user
    Dr.SHANMUKHA SWAMY December 23, 2017, 8:40 pm

    The Students and Management of Medical Education, there is no need to worry because, the present MCI is filled by useless people senseless Regulations.
    1. Why it is useless.
    Answer: almost all are corrupted the members of the MCI. The MCI-it’s Chief or President himself is corrupted and red handed he was arrested.
    2. Supreme Court itself, realized about the worry of the country people and put the commission to examine by RM.LODHA Committee to restructure the MCI.
    3. There is no right to any person should declare themselves as MCI-Member or do the Inspections or Granting the Permissions. They all are false. There is no more MCI-Members or Council.
    4. Because the Central Government, in the Cabinet meeting with the presence of Hon’ble Prime Minister, dismissed the MCI and replaced the MCI- with NMC. So there is no more MCI and its Members and Councils. The entire Country Medical System is collapsed by these corrupted and selfish idiots. They made the medical system as un-catches grapes. By these
    Idiot fellows suppressed the medical system and gripped the entire medical field in their hands.
    5. By observing all above things the Central Government is declared the NMC.
    6. So my kind request to all medico’s, who joined the medical colleges who is running the managements of the medical colleges, should not worried. Very near future you may have good days by NMC.
    7. Hope on new system for good days of the entire medical system.