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MCC Mop Up Round: ESI IP Quota seats added back to ESIC seat matrix; Choice Filling Facility ON

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New Delhi: The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) is going to conduct the NEET counselling for candidates belonging to ESI (IP) Quota. The ESI IP quota seats have been added to the seat matrix of ESIC.

The choice filling facility has been activated for the concerned candidates.

The information to this effect comes via a recent notice uploaded on the official website of MCC which clearly informs all candidates eligible for seats reserved for Wards of Insured Persons (IPs) of ESIC that in compliance to the directions of Hon’ble High Court of Madras in W.A No. 2274 of 2019 and CMP No. 15099/2019, The Director-General, ESIC Vs. M. Ritika, the seats reserved for Wards of IP are being added in the Seat Matrix of ESIC for Mop Up Round of UG Counselling 2019.


Therefore, the candidates eligible for seats reserved for Wards of IP can now fill the choices for such seats, adds the notice.

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Revised Schedule for Mop Up Round is mentioned below.

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Candidates who are vying for MBBS and BDS admission in All India Quota (AIQ) are requested to view the schedule and FAQs for mop up round to avoid any confusions.

REVISED Schedule for Mop-Up Round

MOP-UP ROUND for Central/Deemed Uni./ESIC only
1 13th August, 2019 to 18th August, 2019 10:00 AM as per Server Time

* Payment facility will be available till 18th August, 2019 2:00 PM as per Server Time

Till 18th August 2019 (06:00 PM) as per Server Time 

Choice Locking will be available from 03:00 PM onwards till 06:00 PM

19th – 20th August, 2019 20th August, 2019 21st August, 2019 to 26th

August, 2019

(3-Days) (6-Days) (2-Days) (1-Day) (6-Days)
2 Transfer of Non-Reporting & Non Joining Vacant seat to Deemed/Central Universities/ESIC for Mop-up on 27th August, 2019

Following are the some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by students regarding Mop Up counselling process:

Q. No. 1: In case I get an upgraded seat but in the same college, because of change of category, (e.g. from SC or ST to UR category) do I have to take admission in the allotted seat again?
Ans: Yes, you have to get a relieving letter generated on-line for the earlier seat and then get an admission letter again generated on-line for the upgraded category seat from the concerned institution; otherwise your seat will be canceled and allotted to another candidate or surrendered to state quota (in case of the second round).

Q. No. 3- Who will be eligible for DGHS Mop Up Round for Deemed & Central Universities?
Ans. The following categories of candidates are eligible for Mop Up Round
a) Candidates who are registering for the first time.
b) Candidates who have registered but not been allotted a seat in Round I &Round II.
c) All candidates except those who are holding a seat of Round I or Round II.

Q. No. 4- Who will not be eligible for Mop Up Round of Counseling for Deemed/ Central Universities?
Ans. Candidates who have joined seats in Round II of Deemed/ Central Universities are not eligible.

Q. No. 5:- What are the various fee to be paid at the time of registration?

Ans:- At the time of registration students have to pay two kinds of fees.
For Deemed Universities Non-Refundable Registration fee:- Rs. 5000/-(same for all candidates) Refundable Security amount:- Rs. 2,00,000/-
e.g Any candidate opting for Deemed University will have to pay Rs 5000/- Non Refundable fee + Rs 2,00,000/- Refundable security amount at the time of Registration. For (15% All India Quota)/ Central Universities (DU, AMU, BHU, and Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi)/AFMS & ESI
Non Refundable Registration fee:- Rs. 1000/- for UR candidates & Rs. 500/- For SC/ ST/ OBC/ PH candidates.
Refundable security amount:- Rs.10,000/- for UR candidates & Rs. 5,000/- for SC/ST/OBC/PH
e.g. any UR candidate opting for Central Universities/ AFMS/ ESI will pay Rs. 1000/-+ Rs. 10,000= Rs. 11,000 at the time of registration.
Any SC/ST/OBC/PH candidate will pay Rs. 500 + Rs.5,000 = Rs. 5,500 at the time of registration.

Q. No. 6:- In case of the candidate had to apply for both AIQ and for Deemed University should the candidate pay the fee for both?
Ans. No, in such case the candidate has to pay only the higher fee i.e. of Deemed University Rs. 5000/- (counselling/registration) plus Rs 2,00,000/- (security amount).

Q. No. 7:- In what condition security amount will be forfeited?
Ans:- The security fee will be forfeited if the candidate who has been allotted a seat in the second Round and Mop Up Round of DGHS does not join the respective institution during the second round / Mop Up round of counseling conducted by DGHS/MCC. Also, the security amount will be forfeited in case the candidate gives wrong information at the time of registration on the basis of which a seat
may be allotted and later canceled by the Admission Authorities at the time of reporting.

Q. No. 8:- What is the schedule for Counseling and Admission to UG Courses for the year 2018?
Ans. As per the schedule uploaded on the Website. (

Q. No. 9:- What to do If I by mistake I had opted for Deemed Universities seats when I wanted to opt only for All India Quota (AIQ). How do I correct it?
Ans. There is a reset initialization option at the registration page where the candidate can reset the previously filled quota choice and fill the particular again and then proceed for registration. This facility is provided only once.

Q. No. 10:- Are Andhra Pradesh & Telangana students eligible for 15 % All India Quota/Deemed Universities/AFMC/ESIC/Central Universities Counseling?
Ans. Yes, from this year onwards candidates from Andhra Pradesh & Telangana can participate in 15% All India Quota/ Deemed Universities/AFMC/ESIC/Central Universities Counseling.

Q. No. 11:- How many rounds of counseling are for Deemed and Central Universities?
Ans. There will be three rounds of counseling for Deemed and Central Universities including one mop-up Round of DGHS followed by Stray Vacancy Round at the Institution Level (List of oftentimes the number of vacancies will be sent by DGHS to Institutes which would be exhausted strictly in terms of merit). Please see the schedule on the website.

Q. No. 12:- Whether counseling will be conducted for 85% State Quota seats of Central Universities also, and for which universities?
Ans. Yes, counseling for 85% State quota as per the University eligibility condition will be conducted by MCC/ DGHS for Delhi University and domicile preference will be given to the candidates in 85% State Quota.
Please check the Eligibility Conditions for Central Universities/ AFMS/ ESI / Jamia Dental College in Q. No. 5 of FAQs.

Q. No. 13:- Whether Up-gradation is allowed from 2nd round counseling of Deemed/ Central Universities to Mop-up Round counseling of DGHS for Central / Deemed Universities?
Ans. No, Up-gradation is not allowed once a candidate joins a seat allotted in Round II of Deemed/ Central Universities and the candidate will not be allowed to vacate the seat of AIQ. For Deemed the candidate will not be allowed in any further counseling including Stray Vacancy Round of Deemed/ Central Universities.

Q. No. 14 what will be the eligibility criteria for Institutional seats of Central Universities which is being conducted by DGHS?
Ans. The eligibility conditions of the Institutional Quota of the Central Universities will be as per the eligibility is given by the respective institutions at the time of counseling and the information will be put on the MCC website. Please check Q. No. 5 for the Eligibility conditions of central Universities.

Q. No. 15 Whether there will be two separate counseling for All India Quota and 85% Institutional Quota on separate days and separate platforms?
Ans. This time there is common counseling software for Deemed University/ AIQ/ Central Institutional Quota/ ESI. Hence, the candidates of Institutional Quota who are eligible for counseling should opt for the choices in order of preference between AIQ /Institutional / Domicile Quota. The computer will allot the seat in order of choice and merit from the choices filled by the candidate. It is important to note that the preference would be given to the Institutional / Domicile candidates for
their eligible institutions as per the Institution’s eligibility criteria.

Q. No. 16 I have registered for Round 1. Should I register again for Round 2 & Mop Up Round of DGHS (Central/ Deemed Universities)?
Ans. No, only those candidates who have not registered in Round I need to register.

Q. No. 17: What is the process of counseling for AFMS?
Ans. Candidates who are willing to participate in AFMS screening should register under AFMS at the time of Registration. A further round of Offline counseling will be conducted by AFMS authorities (As per Physical & Personality Test)

for more details click on the link given below:


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