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Round 1 NEET 2019 Counselling going on: Check out MCC FAQs to avoid confusion

Round 1 NEET 2019 Counselling going on: Check out MCC FAQs to avoid confusion

New Delhi: As a resolution to all the queries of candidates, who have a lot of questions regarding the counselling sessions, the  Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) has released a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on its website.

With the Round 1 NEET 2019 counselling process for All India Quota going on, take a look at the MCC FAQs to avoid confusion while appearing for the session.

All Candidates are requested to go through the revised scheme carefully and understand before participating in online counselling (allotment process).

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The following modification in the scheme have been made in 15% (AIQ)/ Deemed/ Central Universities/ AFMS/ ESIC
1. After the second round of counseling for All India Quota seats, the students who take admission in All India Quota seats should not be allowed/permitted to vacate the seats as per the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in W.P. (c) 267/2017 DAR-USSLAM EDUCATIONAL TRUST and Ors. Vs. MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA and Ors. Dated 09.05.2017.

Keeping the above directions in view Candidates are advised to take a calculated decision of continuing in Second round of AIQ/Deemed/Central Universities as they would not be permitted to resign from the 2nd round of AIQ/Deemed/Central Universities. They will also not be allowed to participate in any Counseling after joining in Second Round of AIQ.

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2. It has been decided by MCC that the earlier eligibility criteria of 15% AIQ wherein total candidates called for Counselling were five times the number of seats available for allotment were (as being done previously) has been abolished. All candidates will be
eligible till exhaustion of seats.

Now all candidates except the state of J&K scoring above the minimum Cut off percentile Score as per MCI/DCI Regulations are eligible to Participate in 15% AIQ online counseling.

NEET 2019 Counselling MCC FAQs

Q. No.1: MCC/DGHS will do Counseling for which Colleges/ Universities?
Ans: MCC/DGHS will be doing Counseling for 15% AIQ, 100% Deemed Universities, Central Universities (Delhi University, AMU & BHU including Institutional/ Domicile Quota), ESIC &  AFMS & 100% seats of VMMC & SJH (15% AIQ + 85% Institutional Quota ).

Q. No.2: Who is eligible for NEET UG 15% All India Quota Counseling?
Ans: All candidates who have qualified for All India Quota seats on the basis of their rank in NEET UG conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (NTA) except J&K. Eligible candidates may download the Rank letter/ Result from NTA website. The cutoff rank of eligible candidates is also available on this website under the heading of notice.
For this year cut off rank for 15%, All India Quota is the same as that of MCI/DCI cut off

Q. No. 3: How many choices will be shown to Candidates?
Ans. All choices for which the Candidate is eligible & has opted for during Registration time will be shown to candidates.

Q. No. 4: Who is eligible for Deemed Universities Counseling?
Ans: All candidates who have qualified for All India Quota seats on the basis of their rank in NEET UG conducted by the NTA. Including candidates from J&K.

Q. No. 5: Who are Eligible for Central Universities Counseling?
Ans: 1) Delhi University (LHMC, UCMS, MAMC):- 15% Seats will be contributed to All India Quota & for the rest 85% seats, candidates who have studied 11th & 12th grade in Delhi are eligible for Institutional Quota of 85%.
2) Aligarh Muslim University (AMU):- will have 50% Institutional reservation for the candidates who have studied from their schools for the last 3 years. The undersigned office has already informed AMU to provide the list of enrolled candidates who will be eligible for AMU for this academic session. The rest 50% of seats will be open to all eligible candidates for NEET.
3) BHU:- The Eligibility criteria for BHU, will be all candidates who are eligible for NEET counselling will be eligible to participate in BHU Counseling for all seats of BHU.
4) Faculty of Dentistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi: 03 (Three) seats of BDS are under the internal quota of Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi and 47 (forty-seven) seats of BDS as per the category mentioned in seat matrix are open to all. Students of Jamia who have passed their qualifying examination (X or XII) from Jamia Schools as regular students are eligible for participation under the internal quota of Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.
5) VMMC & SJH: 15% +AIR seats of Institute Quota for AIQ and rest for candidates of Delhi who have studied 11th and 12th standard in Delhi.

Q. No. 6:- What is the permissibility to students to exercise fresh choice during counselling?
Ans: – The following Matrix explains the above question:-

S. No. Round Free Exit Exit with forfeiture of fee Ineligible for further counseling Amount of registration fee(security deposit )
1 AIQ I/Deemed Yes
2 AIQ II/Deemed If not Joined  If joined Government – Rs. 10,000 (half for SC/ST/OBC) Deemed – Rs. 2,00,000
3 State Quota I Yes
4 State Quota II If not Joined  If joined Government – Rs. 10,000 (half for SC/ST/OBC) Private – Rs. 1,00,000
5 State Quota Mop-up  If joined
6 Deemed Mop-Up If joined

Q. No. 7: Who is eligible for ESIC Counseling?

Ans: Regarding eligibility for ESI 15% of seats would be allotted through All India Quota and seats left over after contribution to state quota would be reserved for candidates who are Wards of Insured persons of ESI. The data of Insured persons will be validated by ESI Authorities and this will be incorporated in the NIC software before the processing of the result. There will be no priority grouping as per PG ESI policy.

Q. No. 8: Who is eligible for AFMS Counseling?
Ans: Candidates who desire to participate in AFMS Counseling will be allowed to register with an option that they are willing to take part in AFMS Counseling and the list of such candidates will be sent to AFMS Authorities for conducting Offline counseling with respect to Physical Fitness and Personality Test. The result will be sent back to MCC for display on MCC website.

Q. No. 9: What is All India Rank (AIR)?
Ans: All India Rank (AIR) is overall AIPMT, as given by NTA, is based on rank among the successful candidates, of NEET UG on All India basis.

Q. No. 10: What is All India Quota Rank?
Ans: This is the rank for the purpose of All India Quota seat allotment, after excluding candidates from J&K. As per directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the candidates from J&K are not eligible to participate for 15 % All India Quota Counseling (Please also see clause 9 of, Information Bulletin of AIPMT for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses published by NTA (for details).

Q. No. 11: Whether the candidates having All India Rank (AIR) / All India Quota Rank) called for All India Quota Counseling, are eligible for counseling anywhere?
Ans: Candidates declared Qualified/Eligible for All India Quota Undergraduate Seats (MBBS/BDS) only will be eligible for online allotment process for All India Quota Seats, which is conducted by the Medical Counseling Committee (MCC), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, & Government of India. For State Quota, Private medical and dental college seats the candidates are required to contact the appropriate State Government/Admission Authority & Directorate of Medical Education. Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) will not be able to guide candidates in this matter. From the year 2018-19 as mentioned above the clause of calling candidates five times the number of seats available has been withdrawn, keeping in view of Supreme Court’s direction dated 09/05/2017 W.P. (C) (267/2017) -Dar-US-Slams educational trust v/s MCI.

Q. No. 12: What is the free exit for Ist Round mean?
Ans: Free exit for Ist Round means if a candidate allotted a seat in Ist Round and even if a candidate does not report/join the allotted college he would not be penalized (security deposit will not be forfeited ) and eligible for subsequent rounds.

Q. No. 13: What is the process of online allotment?
a. Main Counseling Registration including payment
b. Exercising of Choices and Locking of choices
c. Process of Seat Allotment – 1st Round
d. Round 1 Result Publication
e. Reporting at the allotted Medical/Dental College against 1st Round (free entry/exit option available).
f. Publication of net vacant seat
g. Registration & Fresh Choice submission by eligible candidates for 2nd Round (not required by already registered candidates).
h. Process of Seat Allotment – 2 and Round (exit with forfeiture of security amount option available).
i. Round 2 Result Publication
j. Reporting at the Medical / Dental Colleges /Institutions against 2nd Round (candidates once joined the allotted seat against 2 nd Round are not allowed to vacate the seat).
END of 15 % All India Counselling and reverting of Non-Joined, Not allotted seats to State quota / Institutional Quota of Central University /Central Institute.
Mop Up Round for Deemed/ Central Universities/Central Institute.
a. Fresh Registration for Mop up Round (not required for earlier resigned candidates)
b. Choice Filling/ Choice Locking
c. Process of Seat Allotment for Mop Up Round.
d. Result Publication for Mop Up Round
e. Reporting at the Allotted Medical/ Dental College after Mop Up Round
f. List of ten times (of the registered candidates) of the number of Stray vacancies to be sent to Deemed / Central Universities to be exhausted strictly in order of merit.
g. Final Stray Vacancy Round to be conducted by Deemed/ Central Universities (There will be no Fresh Registration of Candidates in Final Stray Vacancy Round)

Q. No. 14: Are there any more rounds of Counseling for AIQ/ Deemed/ Central Universities?
Ans: No, as per Hon’ble Supreme Court Order in W.P. No. 76 of 2015 Ashish Ranjan & Ors. Vs. Union of India & Ors. Only two rounds are allowed for All India Quota Counseling.

As per the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in W.P. (c) 267/2017 DAR-US-SLAM EDUCATIONAL TRUST and Ors. Vs. MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA and Ors. Dated09.05.2017.

Candidates joined in the 2nd round of counseling in 15% All India Quota will not be allowed to vacate the seat.
Please note that Registration facility will be available before the start of 1st Round on date as notified in Counseling Schedule and Candidates who could not register at beginning of 2nd Round. Candidates who have already registered during 1st Round need not register again. Also, Fresh Registration will be available before the mop-up round of the counseling to be conducted by the DGHS.

Q. No. 15: What does exit with forfeiture mean in the 2nd round of counseling?
Ans: Exit with forfeiture means if a candidate allotted a seat in the 2nd round of counseling and does not want to join the allotted seat he can still exit with forfeiture (losing security amount deposited) and once candidate joined the allotted seat would not be eligible for resigning/surrender of joined seat.

Q. No.16: When will online allotment process for the current year start?
Ans: Online allotment process will start on the date as per the counseling schedule available on this website.

Q. No. 17: What is the date for commencement of MBBS/BDS session for the current year?
Ans: As per revised Medical Council of India (MCI) schedule for admission approved by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the session of MBBS/BDS course will commence as per Schedule for admission for MBBS Course notified by the MCI. This information will also be hosted on the MCC Website.

Q. No. 18: Do I have to report to any counseling center for registration or choice filling?
Ans: No. Online registration and choice filling can be done from a place of convenience (including from home) using the internet.

Q. No. 19: Do I require any documents to get registered online?
Ans: You will be required to fill up some of the information that you have given on your application form, that you filled and submitted to NTA, New Delhi

Please keep information that you have furnished on application form confidential, and do not share with anybody as to register for online allotment process and submit choice you need that information. If somebody else uses that information, he/she can misuse your online registration and prevent you from taking part in online allotment process. Keep print out of application form ready for reference with you.

Q. No. 20: What information do I require for online registration?
Ans: Please note that you will be asked to fill some of the information (we are not showing it here for security reasons) that you have given on your application form during online registration for participating in AIPMT, therefore, keep a copy of your application form ready for reference.

Please note that on registration window of online allotment process, you have to fill in exactly the same spelling, numbers, etc as you have filled in your application form.

Q. No. 21: How do I get a password for logging in?
Ans: During the process of online registration you will generate a password as per password policy, which will be shown to you when you register and create a password. Candidates are advised to keep the password that they have created, confidential to them till the end of the counseling/admission process. You can change the password after creating. Password is very important for participating in online allotment process. Sharing of password can result in its misuse by somebody else, leading to even exclusion of genuine candidate from online allotment process.
Please also remember your password till the end of All India Quota admission process; otherwise, you will not be able to participate in the counseling/admission process.

Q. No. 22: How much time will I be given to join the allotted college?
Ans: Candidates allotted seats will be required to join the allotted college/course within stipulated time which is mentioned in counseling schedule. However, candidates are advised to join as early as possible and not to wait for last day of joining, due to the different schedule of the holiday (including local holidays) / working hours in various Medical / Dental Colleges. In some of the colleges/ universities, 2-3 days’ time is required to complete admission formalities. Therefore, candidates are advised to contact allotted college immediately after the declaration of result of counseling allotment process, to know the details. If the candidate fails to join the allotted Medical/Dental College within the stipulated time, then the allotted seat will be canceled.
Please note that under no circumstances date of joining can be extended by the MCC.

Q. No. 23: What documents are required at the time of online counseling?
Ans: Since it is an online allotment (Online Counseling) process, no documents will be required for participating in the online allotment process during the Registration process.

Q. No. 24: What documents are required at the time of Joining/ Reporting in allotted Medical/ Dental College?
Ans: Original documents (along with attested photocopies of documents) for admission to undergraduate medical courses for admission to 15% of total seats on All-India basis required at the time of joining in allotted Medical / Dental College are as mentioned below.
I. Admit Cards of Exam issued by NTA.
II. Result/ Rank letter issued by NTA.
III. Date of Birth Certificate (if Metric Certificate does not bear the same) (iv) Class 10th
IV. Class 10+2 Certificate
V. Class 10+2 Marks Sheet
VI. Eight (8) Passport size photograph same as affixed on the application form.
VII. Provisional allotment letter generated on-line.
VIII. Proof of identity (Aadhar/ PAN/ Driving Licence/ Passport)
IX. For NRI/ OCI candidates appearing for Deemed Universities following documents are mandatory:
a) Passport copy of sponsorer, embassy certificate
b) Sponsorship affidavit (stating that sponsorer is ready to bear the expenses for the whole duration of the study)
c) Relationship Affidavit (Relation of Candidate with the sponsored)
X. The Candidate should also bring the following certificate, if applicable:
(a) SC/ST Certificate issued by the competent authority (in the standard format as specified in the prospectus/information bulletin) and it should be in English or Hindi in language. Subcaste should be clearly mentioned in the certificate. Some of the States insist for an English version of Caste Certificate.
In case the certificate is in regional language the candidate should carry an Attested translated copy of the certificate in English/ Hindi.
(b) OBC certificate issued by the competent authority. The sub-caste should tally with the Central List of OBC. The OBC candidates should not belong to Creamy Layer to claim OBC reservation benefit.
The OBC certificate must be in the standard format as mentioned in the prospectus/ Information Bulletin.
(c) Disability Certificate issued from a duly constituted and authorized Medical Board for 21 Benchmark Disabilities as per the Rights of Persons with Disability Act 2016 (RPWD Act, 2016).
(Please see clause 10.1 of Information Bulletin of AIPMT/NEET for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses, published by Central Board of Secondary Education (NTA) for details). No other PWD certificate, issued by any other Authority/Hospital will be entertained.
(Candidates are advised to see college information, of allotted college for, any other document which may be required by the allotted college)
Candidates without original certificates/documents shall not be allowed to take admission in allotted Medical/ Dental College.
Candidates who have deposited their original documents with any other Institute/ College/University and come for admission with a certificate stating that “their original certificates are deposited with the Institute / College / University” will not be allowed to take admission in allotted Medical/DentalCollege.
Kindly note that there will be no reservation for OBC/ SC/ ST/ PWD candidates in Deemed Universities.

Q. No. 25: What are the instructions regarding OBC, SC, ST and PWD certificates?
Ans: Please read/ see clause 10.1 of, AIPMT/NEET Information Bulletin for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses, published by NTA for details for admission to 15% of total seats on all-India basis carefully. The certificate requirements are mentioned in the prospectus on the standard format in English or Hindi language (in case of certificate in Hindi language, English translation duly attested must accompany the original certificate).
Candidates are requested to read prospectus and instructions regarding Caste and PWD Certificate carefully. In case the candidate fails to produce proper Caste (and PWD, if applicable) certificate at allotted Medical/Dental College then he/she will not be permitted to join the allotted Medical / Dental College (allotted seat will be canceled) and his/her category will be changed, if otherwise eligible for changed category.
For the range of disabilities included as per “THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS FOR DISABILITIES ACT 2016” please see Annexure ‘A’.

Q. No. 26: From where can I obtain Physical Handicap/Disability PWD Certificate?
Ans: The qualified Physically Handicapped PWD candidates having any of the 21 Benchmark Disabilities as per the RPWD Act,2016 should get themselves examined and certified at one of the undermentioned Disability Assessment Boards, constituted at the four metro-cities:
1. Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjung Hospital, Ansari Nagar, (Ring
Road), NewDelhi
2. All India Institute of Physical Medicine and rehabilitation (for Locomotor Disability
only) Mumbai.
3. Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research, Kolkata.
4. Madras Medical College, Chennai.
5. Grant Government Medical College, J.J. Hospital Compound. Mumbai Maharashtra.
6. Goa Medical College, Goa.
7. Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.
8. SMS Medical College, Jaipur Rajasthan.
9. Govt. Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh.
10. Govt. Medical College, Agartala, State disability board, Agartala.
More centers will be added in due course of time.
The Physically handicapped (PWD) candidates are required to carry their treatment papers related to their disability, including the investigation reports, at the time of reporting to the above mentioned designated institute authorized to issue disability certificate.

Q. No. 27: Is it necessary to obtain a PWD certificate from above-mentioned Centers only?
Ans: Yes, the certificate issued by any other hospital/ board will not be accepted. MCC / MoHFW is in the process of identifying more centers. It will be put up on the website of MoHFW / MCC as and when they are identified.

Q. No. 28: What are the details of disability for claiming advantage under PWD category?
Ans: Reservation of seats under PWD Category has been increased from 3% to 5% in AIQ/Central Universities and the 21 Benchmark Disabilities as envisaged under the regulations of Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016. For the range of disabilities included, please see Annexure ‘A’.

Q. No. 29: Is there any restriction for filling up a number of choices of Institution (College) (and courses i.e. MBBS and BDS) in choice filling the form?
Ans: No, you can give as many choices as you wish during online choice filling. However, choices should be in the order of the candidates’ preference. There will be common software for AIQ/ Deemed/ Central Universities for filling up choices.

Q. No. 30: Can I have some idea about the seat I am likely to get at my rank?

Ans: You can have some idea from the following:
A. Please log on to the website – from home page go to medical counseling – open Under-Graduate (for previous years) – open composite allotment list. From the information that you will see, you get some idea of pattern in the previous year(s). This will only be indicative (without any guarantee for the current year). Opening and Closing rank course and category-wise are also available in the Download section of
the home page of the MCC website.
B. From the result of Mock Counseling and Indicative Seat Allotment (during the registration period/during round-1).

Q. No.31: Is it necessary to fill up the choices and lock the choices to get seat allotted? Or I will be allotted seat automatically from leftover seats?

Ans: After online registration (registration is compulsory to take part in online allotment process, before the round -1 during specified registration period), you have to fill in choice of Institutions/colleges/courses in order of your preference. Once the choice is filled in, it can be modified before locking it. During the choice locking period, it is necessary to lock the choices to get a print of your submitted choices. If the candidate does not lock the choice submitted
by him/her, it will be automatically locked at 5.00PM of the last date of choice locking. If you don’t register and fill in choices during the registration period, you will not be allotted any seat.
Please also note that registration will be available once before allotment of round-1, before starting of round-2 and before the start of Mop up Round.

Don’t wait till the last minute to Register and Lock your choices and to take a printout. Please go through your submitted choices before locking, as once you lock the choices they cannot be modified or changed even if you have made a mistake. It may result in allotment of a seat which you never wanted. (Please note that the choices once locked cannot be unlocked even from MCC)

for more details click on the link given below:


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